Batkid Saves San Francisco: Miles Scott's Dream Coming True Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Today was the day a lot of Batman fans were waiting for as it was the day Batman came to life in the most touching of ways. San Francisco was shut down today as 5-year old Miles stopped battling his leukemia for a day to battle crime on the streets of Gotham.

It was all part of the make-A-Wish event we’ve all been looking forward to for weeks and today we all had our hearts melted as we expected would be the case.

Miles went on a journey all across San Francisco today battling bad guys, putting away supervillians and even saving the day and getting the girl in the end. It was a day that no one wanted to end and one that not anyone will soon be forgetting. The pictures taken of the event say all there needs to be said as Miles wasn’t one of the thousands of young children battling a vicious disease today.

Instead, Miles was the hero didn’t know we had walking amongst us and he brought Batman to life in a way that no actor or comic book has ever been able to before. He won’t be winning an Oscar for his performance and he won’t be awarded any prizes, but Miles gave us more today than we could have ever hoped for — a smile on our faces as a young boy took over San Francisco living out a dream everyone can share.

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