Batman vs. Superman Spoilers: Warner Bros. Producers Gives New Details About Batman's Story


Last weekend we had the now infamous Man of Steel Q&A that acted as though Batman vs. Superman barely exists but we’re still learning more and more about what the story will be about. Today, Warner Bros. producer Daniel Alter tweeted out some interesting tidbits about where Batman’s story in Batman vs. Superman will go.

Now full disclosure here: Alter is not a producer on Batman vs. Superman or Man of Steel 2 or whatever you want to call it. Alter does work as a producer at Warner Bros but his tweet would be number of things from a wish list of things he wants to see in the final film or a piecing together of all the rumors we’ve heard so far in the the process.

Still, there are many out there that want to see some elements of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns universe involved in Zack Snyder’s film and Bruce Wayne not speaking with Robin is something that fits the mold.

We’ll have to wait and see if Alter’s tweets lead anywhere but chances are if they do it was a lucky guess. Still, fans want any and all information they can get about the film and Alter’s tweet will no doubt be dissected everywhere.

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