Marvel Has No Idea What Vin Diesel Has Been Talking About This Whole Time


One of the most interesting and fun developments with Marvel to watch has been something happening outside of their heavily guarded gates. While all official announcements come directly out of Marvel and Kevin Feige, one actor has been blazing a trail of possible false truths as Vin Diesel has been very active in updating us on his involvement/non-involvement with Marvel and it’s Phase 3 plans.

Diesel has stated on numerous occasions that he’s working with Marvel on not only Guardians of Galaxy but the now infamously mentioned “fresh IP” which will merge brands and create new characters for him.

SlashFilm recently talked to Kevin Feige, Marvel’s head-honcho on all movie properties, about Thor: The Dark World and Phase 3. Inevitably, the topic of Vin Diesel came up and Feige very bluntly said he had no idea what Diesel is to has been talking about.

Feige didn’t really dive into things and SlashFilm wisely skated around the speed bump as it the situation is growing more and more bizarre as we learn more about it. The twists and turns are almost like cinematic as first Diesel tweeted a picture of himself at Marvel — but he very likely could have just been standing by a random movie poster.

He then was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy but that has never been confirmed by Marvel and they’re not answering any Phase 3 questions that involve Diesel or “fresh IP”.

So after months of thinking Vin Diesel has been involved with Marvel, it could turn out that we’ve been trolled and pranked in the most creative of ways by Diesel.


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