The Simpsons Strikes Deal With FXX, Will Now Be Streamed Online


Fans have been asking themselves for a very long time if The Simpsons will ever be available on streaming devices as the show is omen of the last to not be available through any streaming means. But that all changed today as FXX and The Simpsons have struck a near $1 billion deal that will allow FXX to not only show the entire catalogue of The Simpsons episodes but also stream them online.

Variety reported that the deal is in the neighborhood of $750 million and gives FXX and FXNow rights to The Simpsons catalog.

This is not only huge for FXX, as the network has been in need of major help in bringing in audiences with hit programming, but it means that the beloved show will now be available through streaming, something fans never thought would happen.

There are plenty of interesting tidbits to this, including the fact that The Simpsons will be available online but didn’t go to any of the major streaming outlets like Amazon, Hulu or most notably Netflix. Instead, they inked a deal with FXX which is not only surprising but daring as well.

But fans could really care less where The Simpsons is streaming online, they just want the product to enter the 21st Century way of life. That finally happened today and as a result, FXX has scored a major win not only for it’s brand name but for it’s streaming service FXNow which no one had heard of until it landed a massive deal to stream The Simpsons. 

This morning, no one had heard of FXNow, this afternoon it’s all of a sudden become a viable contender with Netflix and Hulu. You don’t burst onto the scene anymore lavishly than that.

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