Batman vs. Superman: Adam Driver Says Nightwing Rumors Are Not True (Video)

Earlier last week, around the time we were getting ready for the Man of Steel Blu-Ray Q&A, word leaked out that Girls star Adam Driver was in the running to play Dick Grayson and Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman. Fans on Twitter were dying for director Zack Snyder to talk about the rumors but he didn’t even get close it and we now possibly know why — the rumors aren’t true.

At least, this is what the actor himself is saying as Driver has been quoted in a recent interview as saying the Nightwing rumors are just that and nothing more.

Now the next and most obvious question for fans is this: in the interview is Driver denying the rumors because they really aren’t true or is he putting on his poker face?

Fans are hoping that Driver is just keeping his cards close to his chest as the actor states how much he’d want to be in a superhero team-up movie, and violating a possible gag order on the negotiations could ruin his chance of starring in Batman vs. Superman.

So while the rumors may be all smoke and mirrors, Driver isn’t going to come out and say something he’s not supposed to even if none of it is true. We’re just going to have to continue to wait for official news on this as if the Star Wars Episode VII rumors have taught us anything its that an actor isn’t out of the running in the minds of fans until the credits are rolling on the finished film.

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