Saturday Night Live: Lady Gaga Flashes Audience During Opening Monologue (GIF)

Tonight was the debut of Lady Gaga as host of Saturday Night Live and we expected things to get weird pretty fast. To our surprise, the usually loudly dressed Gaga reeled it in for her opening monologue and shelved the over-th-top artsiness of her act to turn in a rendition of her new single ‘Applause’ as she mocked how easy it is for people like herself to get cheap applause from audiences. But Gaga didn’t leave the stage without pushing the envelope in her signature devil-may-care style as she flashed the audience a view of her rear-end before trotting off the stage after saying that she’d be right back. GagaFlashesAssSNL It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened an int all honesty it really wasn’t even that bad. Not only was it not bad for the male audience but it also wasn’t nearly as outrageous as we’re expecting her to be given her public image. Still, this was just her opening monologue — one that wasn’t really that good — and we have yet to get to her performances. That’s typically when things get really weird as Gaga goes completely into character and sinks in the persona of the monster she loves to portray. But for now, we actually got a glimpse at a normal Lady Gaga and for those in the front row and watching at home, we got an extra special look at Gaga as well.

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