Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga Opening Sketch Recap: Bobby Moynihan Plays Rob Ford


Tonight marks the debut of pop star Lady Gaga as host of Saturday Night Live which means we can expect things to get plenty weird before the night is through. But while all of the attention will be on Gaga, one thing that Saturday Night Live has going for it is a hit streak when it comes to the cold opens.

So far this season the cold opens have hit it out of the park and either been just the right length or hit a subject matter hard and hilariously. Last week we saw the opening sketch hit the issue of the lack of black female actors not the show and in weeks prior we’ve seen things from the healthcare website to the government shutdown and even Miley Cyrus mocked and ridiculed in the cold opens.

It’s a rare streak for the show which in years past has been largely hit or mission the cold opens but the question was would that streak continue tonight for the Lady Gaga show?

The answer was yes but it wasn’t at all a surprise given the softball that former Toronto mayor Rob Ford lobbed to the SNL crew. Bobby Moynihan put on the fat suit and impersonated the foul mouthed mayor and dug into his style of talking to the press and the fact that every picture of him has been just absolutely horrible. We even got a shot at 60 Minutes who the show joked would be the only show to believe that Ford didn’t do any of the things he did.

It wasn’t the best bold open of the season but as usual the SNL crew hit one of the easier softball topics out of the park in the way you’d except.

What did you think of tonight’s cold open making fun of Rob Ford? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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