The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Release Date Announced



With the summer of 2014 approaching quicker than we think, it’s getting to the time where we’re going to start seeing more and more trailers for the epic blockbusters slated to come out during that time. We’ve already seen the trailers for Captain America: Winter Soldier and X-Men Days of Future Past but one film we have yet yo hear from is perhaps the most anticipated of all.

Sony is going for the three studio Marvel trifecta this summer as they release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 along side fellow Marvel properties X-Men and Captain America starting in April. All three films are Marvel sponsored films but all three are produced and distributed by separate studios. Captain America will hit theaters under the Marvel Studios banner while X-Men is a 20th Century Fox production.

But what we really want to see is not information about the studios but the trailers for the films and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has circled a date in which it will unleash it’s trailer on us. Mark it down now, as December 5th is the date that the trailer will drop for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Comic Book Movie posted a photo at a re-screening of Men in Black 3 that stated December 5th is the date we can expect the trailer to be released online and in theaters.

It’s a date we can all look forward to as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks to build on the action we saw build in the first film and Jamie Foxx’s Electro looks like it could be one of the coolest things we’ll see all summer long. We’ll have the trailer posted for you as soon as it becomes available on December 5th so be sure to check back then and soak in all the Spider-Man glory.

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