Breaking Bad Series Finale Alternate Ending: Walter Wakes Up in Malcolm In The Middle (Video)

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When the hit AMC aries Breaking Bad came to an end, one of the jokes among fans was that the series would end with Walter going into witness protection and thus becoming his character from the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. But an extra feature on the Breaking Bad Blu-Ray set plays this exact fantasy out, as Walter White’s entire journey through Breaking Bad was nothing more than a dream Hal had in Malcolm in the Middle.

Check out the hilarious “alternate ending” here:

After seeing Bryan Cranston sink deeper and deeper into the devil that is Walter White over five seasons, we tended to forget that he’s actually an accomplished comedic actor. Cranston spoke on Howard Stern during Breaking Bad‘s run and the host brought up Cranston’s past in Malcolm in the Middle.

Cranston stated that thanks to the residuals from Malcolm in the Middle, he wouldn’t have to ever work again if he didn’t want to. That right there not only displays how talented Cranston was as a comedic actor but just how invested in the role of Walter White he was when he didn’t t all have to be.

The “alternate ending” included on the Breaking Bad Blu-Ray set plays out a jokey fantasy that fans of both Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle shared and it shows that five years as Walter White didn’t at all erode Cranston’s comedic side.

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