NFL RedZone Gets Mocked on Saturday Night Live (Video)

Last night on the Lady gaga hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, we got both things we expected to see and things we didn’t. The pop star for the most part reeled in her outrageous image, save for a scandalous performance with R. Kelly that included plenty of dry humping and a simulated oral sex move.

But when it comes to the sketches we saw last night, they were mostly all spot-on with the comedy and one of the best on the night was a spoof of NFL RedZone and the ability to watch multiple football games at once.

The SNL crew spoofed the service by replacing footballs coring plays with the other kind of action people can’t seem o get enough of on television — reality show fights. The ladies of SNL starred in the digital short that showed off a service where you can watch all the reality show fights you want without having to watch the other boring parts of the show.

It was not only a brilliant spoof of the lack of attention span a majority of football and ps rots fans have when it comes to watching games they’re to invested in, but it also roasted those who get off on watching reality show fights and just reality shows in general.

We love SNL for skewering social tropes like our strange and unhealthy love of reality show and violence and the NFL RedZone spoof was spot on in more ways than one.

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