R. Kelly Makes Surprises Appearance with Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live



When Lady Gaga was announced as host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live, we didn’t really know what to expect out of her as host or as musical guest. The outspoken and very out loud pop star is always a wild card but she kept things as reserved as she could on SNL with her musical performances but still managed to pack some punchy surprises.

The first and likely most obvious of which was featuring R. Kelly in a surprise performance of her hit single ‘Do What U Want’ which feature the R&B artist on the track.

Kelly wasn’t initially on stage but he did pop up halfway through the song before launching into his section of the song. But while R. Kelly showing up was a surprise in of itself, the real interesting part happened once he arrived on stage and threw gaga over his shoulder and proceeded to get much closer to her Gaga-licous body parts than the censors maybe would have liked.

Nothing too inappropriate went down and when compared to both R. Kelly and Lady Gaga’s previous onstage antics, things were kept pretty mild on SNL. R. Kelly did give Gaga’s behind a little more attention than we were expecting, but he was just living in the moment and really we couldn’t have asked for too much more.

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