Saturday Night Live Goofs on Blockbuster Closing With Overly Dramatic Farewell (Video)

One of the biggest stories that everyone saw doing over the last few weeks was the nationwide closing of Blockbuster, who officially closed up shop for good and ended an era for home movie rentals .

Saturday Night Live honored and spoofed the video store chain in an overly dramatic farewell to Blockbuster that saw three workers losing their minds after they have to close up shop and live in a world where they’re no longer employed by Blockbuster.

The highlight of the digital short was Bobby Moynihan who stole a cardboard cutout of The Croods and gave it a vikings burial by making a makeshift canoe and lighting it on fire with an arrow. Taran Killam was also hilarious in the bit, especially when he attacks and has to be held back after passing a Redbox machine.

So far this season the digital shorts for SNL have been absolutely brilliant, and a lot of that has to be Kyle Mooney, who got the gig on SNL thanks to his YouTube videos of the same comedic quality.

The skit ended with the distressed ex-blockbuster employees rejoicing over the fact that they can now just go work for Best Buy — or at least they can do so as long as the entertainment chain stays afloat. If Best Buy continues to go under, we can likely expect to see the trio of employees once again.

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