Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga Weekend Update Review: Taran Killam Messes Up Joke, Recovers Masterfully

Tonight marked the debut of Lady Gaga as host of Saturday Night Live but no matter who the host is each week, the highlight of the show always seems to be the Weekend Update. That was again the case this week as Cecily Strong and Seth Meyers ping-ponged great jokes about the fumbling of the healthcare website to easy layup jokes about Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

One of the highlights though was ‘Mr. Senior’ who is played by Keenan Thompson, as he dropped by to berate random New Yorkers (played by cast members) who are getting ready for Christmas far too early for his taste. Anytime Thompson drops by the Weekend Update desk, we know we’re in for a good time and tonight wasn’t an exception to that trend.

Thompson wasn’t the only guest at the Update desk, as an author from the 1800s who published a harsh criticism of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address recently retracted, dropped by to lash out and read his original review of the address.

The author was played by Taran Killam who not only ripped into Lincoln but numerous other historical figures who gave important speeches from John F. Kennedy to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. It was a bit that took a while to get into but once Killam who messed up a joke that was on the cue card and went on a minute long ad-lib that was funnier than the bit itself. Not only did he recover and almost break character, but he had Meyers doubling over both during and then after the bit was over.

All in all, it was another great  Weekend Update that was made better in a way no one saw coming.

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