The Walking Dead: Is It Okay To Root For The Governor and Has He Turned a New Leaf?


Tonight saw the return of The Governor who we saw for the first time since the slaughter of last season that turned just about very fan of the show against him. But rather than see him return and attack the prison like we were expecting, we got an honest portrait of a broken man who is remorseful for what he did to his own people.

One thing we saw more than once is The Governor trying to erase and destroy his past which was something we saw multiple times. It’s not that the old Governor is dead and gone, but it’s just he seems to have a new reason to live and not be as evil as he was before.

So this begs the question, is it okay for us to root for The Governor and sympathize with him now that we’ve seen a more innocent and sentimental look at him?

Nothing can erase the fact that he’s had a psychotic past where he shot his own people, but it seems he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. He’s already lost his family but he’s now found a replacement to pour his love into — love we didn’t know he had left in his heart. But as it turns out it’s a ferocious love that may start to get fans on his side and make it alright to root for The Governor’s redemption this season.

He still clearly has a vicious side to him as the violence within The Governor came out more than once in this episode but instead of shooting people, he’s defending them and that’s a quality that may start to win back characters over to his side as well.

So what say you? Are you rooting for the Governor and hoping that he has turned a new leaf towards redemption or do you trust him even less now that you know he has a tender side he could use to lure in victims to his reign? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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