Game of Thrones Season 4: Preview The Biggest Moment of the Upcoming Season "The Purple Wedding"


Last season on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones went above and beyond with the intensity with the infamous Red Wedding episode, but the question fans have for season 4 is can the show continue to build it’s momentum and even go as far as topping what we’ve already seen?

There’s no one promising that the Red Wedding will be topped, but that’s the hope at HBO and we all got an inside look at a preview of the Purple Wedding that will take place in season 4. Don’t worry, the preview comes right from a production blog at HBO so you know it contains not even hint of any spoilers.

While the ceremony itself was filmed in one of our semi-permanent sets in Belfast, the Sept of Baelor, the reception was filmed in a beautiful outdoor set located in Parc Gradac in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The park was transformed by our new Production Designer, Deb Riley, and her team into everything you might desire from a Royal Wedding carnival, with elaborate decorations, an epic feast and the most creative and unexpected forms of entertainment for the guests.

Filmed over a five day stretch, we waited with bated breath each day for the clouds to roll in and dampen our fun. Weather reports suggested imminent downpours at the end of the week, and only a few days before, water funnels had formed off the coast in the height of a rain storm. Aside from one short and dramatic burst where Costume scrambled to get all the extras under cover and everyone rushed to protect props, we were spared the worst of the predictions.

In terms of principal cast members in attendance, the Royal Wedding was one of the largest scenes we’ve filmed since the premiere season, with 23 named parts appearing on any given day. In addition, we were delighted to welcome 218 extras as guests to the event, some of them travelling from the other side of Europe and the United States to be a part of the experience. Lookout for some familiar faces in the crowds – Pixie Le Knot is back this year, and one of our crew makes an appearance with the entertainers.

King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell are next characters on the show who are set to have a wedding, and the moment will likely be one of the big points of the season, but for reasons we don’t really know yet.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones will kick off in a few months and fans can’t dream of that day coming soon enough so we can pic the action back up and sink deep into perhaps the best show currently on television.

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