Independence Day 2 May Shoot in Montreal Starting in 2015


Since around the fourth of July this year, we’ve been hearing rumblings that Roland Emmerich is going to pursue a sequel to his hit 90s action film Independence Day and today we learned both when filming may start on the project and where the cameras might roll.

According to Quebec film commissioner Hans Fraikin, via the Calgary Herald, Emmerich wants to shoot Independence Day 2 in Montreal and could begin doing so around the start to middle of 2015.

Now, 2015 seems to be a ways away, but a production start date near the beginning or middle of the year would put the film on pace for it’s new 2016 target release date. That’s not a release date set in stone as the film itself is still sort of up in the air in terms of it even getting made.

But if things continue the way they are, Emmerich is going to kick off production in 2015 and likely no earlier. But the interesting bit comes in the form of where the movie will shoot as Montreal is hardly the first place you’d think of filming and American action film but it wouldn’t be the first time Emmerich takes his talents there to film.

Just this past year, Emmerich released White House Down which was largely shot in Montreal despite being set in the American capital of Washington D.C. The director also shot his disaster epic The Day After Tomorrow in Montreal as well, which means his ties are nicely rooted in the city when it comes to filming his blockbusters.

This is far form a done deal, but Fraikin states that Emmerich wants to shoot the film in Montreal and the ball is pretty much in 20th Century’s court.

“Roland wants to do it in Montreal,” Fraikin said, via the Herald. “He loves the city. He had a great time here. It would be really cool for me because it was one of the first films I released with 20th Century Fox.”

We’ll keep an eye on this one but it’s starting to sound like Emmerich and Independence Day 2 could be bound for Canada in 2015.

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