It's A Wonderful Life Is Getting a Sequel Due Out in 2015

So far, movie fans everywhere are trying to sort out all the major films, sequels, prequels and reboots coming out in 2015 but every time it looks like we’ve got our ducks in a row, more films are added to the schedule. Perhaps the most ridiculous and unnecessary film to be added is a sequel to the 1946 Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life. 

It seems like a joke, but the sequel is very real, as Variety reported it’s in production and targeting a Holiday 2015 release date. The premise of the film sounds absolutely awful as not only is it seemingly just a rip-off of the Frank Capra original but it’s just a stupid idea through and through.

SlashFilm summed up the premise for us, because frankly we’re just so flabbergasted that this is happening that our brains temporarily stopped proper function.

The tentatively titled It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, written byBob Farnsworth and Martha Bolton, follows the angel of George Bailey’s daughter Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes, who’ll reprise the role) as she teaches Bailey’s evil grandson (also named George Bailey) how different the world would have been if he’d never been born. Producers are currently looking at directors and hope to shoot the $25-$35 million film in Louisiana early next year for a Holiday 2014 release.

There are bad ideas, there are horrifyingly terrible ideas and then there’s this aggressively mind-numbing abortion of a concept. If there’s a list of films that do not need to be remade, rebooted or continued, It’s A Wonderful Life is on that list and near the top.

Yet, a sequel is happening and for that idea George had in the original of jumping off of a bridge doesn’t seem like a bad option at the moment.

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