X-Men Days of Future Past Is Undergoing Significant Reshoots


One of the biggest films fans are looking forward to in the summer of 2014 is going to have to go through some reshoots before the editing process can continue the way director Bryan Singer wants it to. According to a report in the Calgary Herald, X-Men Days of Future Past is currently heading back to Montreal for some reshoots and some of the main cast members are making the trip with Bryan Singer to get things in the can.

As the Herald reports, there’s nothing at all to be alarmed about when you hear X-Men Days of Future Past is heading back to Quebec for reshoots. It’s the standard kind of reshooting process, not the more devastating and nerve-racking ones caused by production issues.

But while the word on the streets of Montreal is not to read too far into the reshoots, it’s noted that two weeks have ben set aside for the reshoots which means whatever is going to be reshot is going to be significant. You don’t stop the presses to return to Montreal with the cast and crew for exterior shots or pickups.

So no matter what is being said about the reshoots not being a big deal, fans are going to start to worry a little given the length of time being devoted to the process. Still, the film’s release date isn’t in any danger of changing at the moment and 20th Century Fox is still planning on rolling out more promotional material as we enter 2014 and near the May release of the film.

We’ve already seen the first teaser trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past and it’s only a matter of time before the reshoots are behind us and another trailer has arrived.

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