Breaking Bad Blu-Ray Release: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul Freak Out Reading Final Scene (Video)


This month marks the release of the massive Breaking Bad Blu-Ray set that contains not only the complete series but hours upon hours of extra features that fans will pour over for days. We know the extras will be great because some of them are being leaked early, as we got a hold of the special feature that shows Walter White’s adventures were just a dream in Malcolm in the Middle.

But today we got our hands on another great special feature that will be included in the box set and it’s one of the rawest Breaking Bad videos we’ve seen. We all saw (at least hopefully by now it’s all of us) the epic series finale but was our reaction the same as Bryan Cranston’s and Aaron Paul’s?

Well, now we know. One of the features on the Blu-Ray set is a video of Cranston and Paul reading the final scene of the show, starting with the shootout at Jack’s shack. Obviously, if you somehow haven’t seen the finale yet, there are massive spoilers included in the video.

We’re aggressively breaking the fourth wall here by seeing the actors read and react to the final scene of the show, but Breaking Bad is the type of show that we want to experience with others an who better than the lead actors themselves?

Not only is this an amazing feature to see as a stand-alone, it just gets everyone that much more excited for the Breaking Bad complete series Blu-Ray set that comes out on November 26th.

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