Christopher Nolan Straps IMAX Camera to Front of Learjet for Interstellar

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If there’s one things that director Christopher Nolan loves to do, it’s be wildly innovative with technology only he seems interested in using. With the world of cinema dancing int he land of 3D technology, Nolan has been a pioneer when it comes to using IMAX technology and he’s really revolutionized the game.

For The Dark Knight, Nolan used the IMAX cameras for action sequences, which ended up being some of the most epic and beautifully shot IMAX footage we’ve seen since it was first used. Nolan is continuing his exploration of IMAX technology with his latest film Interstellar which features the director attaching the expensive and rare camera in a place that made a lot of people nervous.

On The Dark Knight, Nolan admits that he broke a camera during the infamous tunnel scene with the Tumbler and The Joker’s semi chase. But that hasn’t stopped him from attaching an IMAX camera to the front of a Learjet for a scene in Interstellar.


via Collider


via Collider

It’s something that hasn’t been done before, but go figure with Nolan. Just hearing that the director attached a camera to the front of a Learjet like directors do for cars in a rap video gets you thinking of how cool it will look. But add to that the fact that it will be in IMAX and you’ll begin to remember just how innovative Nolan is as not only a director but as a pioneer of IMAX filmmaking.

[H/T: Collider]

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