Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Sells TV Show to FOX Based On His Life


Miami Heat star shooting guard Dwyane Wade is a three-time NBA champion and a nine time All-Star but he’s going to be balling on a brand new court very shortly. The NBA star isn’t hanging up the shorts anytime soon but that doesn’t mean he can’t enter the realm of half-hour television comedies before he does.

Variety is reporting that Wade and his producing partners have sold a half-hour comedy to FOX called Three The Hard Way which follows a basketball player named Daryl Wade and will be based on the NBA All-Star’s life as a single father.

Wade won’t be starring on the show, but he will be consulting as a producer and given the fact that it’s based on his real life, he’s going to have a pretty heavy say in what airs and what doesn’t. This isn’t to say we’re going to get a watered dow, clean as a whistle look at his life rather he’s going to be at least semi-actively involved in the production process.

Wade joins his partner on the court, LeBron James, in the television producing game. A few months back, James inked a deal with Showtime to produce half-hour comedies, albeit not based on his life.

For Wade though, the show will see the star take on yet another medium where he’s in charge of entertaining. Not only is his a basketball star, but Thee The Hard Way is based off of his autobiographical book “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball”.

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