Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Twitter Reacts to Shocking Death of Major Character


Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy was without a doubt the bloodiest episode yet and it saw the end of one massive characters. Careful, as if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, there are massive spoilers ahead so you’re best off stopping right here and seeing tonight’s episode anyway you can.

It only took les than an hour but the bodies began dropping like flies really quickly. First Jax double crossed Galen and shot him in the head in order to end their relationship for good. But the biggest twist came when Jax let Clay, who the gang had just recently busted out of prison, know that he was next to go down.

Jax and Clay have had a long and bumpy relationship that ended with Jax putting a bullet in his throat — and about five more in his chest.

Twitter reacted almost immediately to the shocking death:


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