Sons of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Admits He Watches Glee


One of the most toughest and gnarliest shows on television at the moment is the FX series Sons of Anarchy and a lot of that has to do with series creator Kurt Sutter. The former The Shield writer and producer hasn’t been afraid to get savage when people attack his show, whether that be the Emmys, a fictional Glee club or an actual biker gang member.

Sutter has accepted that the Emmys just don’t approve of this show, settled his feud with Chuck Zito and has now admitted that his hatred go Glee really doesn’t run that deep.

While appearing on The Howard Stern show earlier last week, Sutter admitted that not only did he watch the show on occasion, but he also gets as invested when he does watch. Now, don’t start thinking Sutter is ready to do a crossover, as he blamed wife Katey Sagal for making him watch the show but it’s a step in the right direction of acceptance and tolerance.

“At one point I had to confess, Katey’s actually been on Glee and she would watch it,” Sutter admitted to Stern. “It’s one of those shows where suddenly I’d be watching with her and be like ‘what are you watching this sh*t for’ and then ten minutes in I’ll go ‘who’s that guy?'”

Now, that’s not a glowing admittance that Sutter watches Glee religiously, but it shows that when he made his comments about the show it was largely blown up by the media. Sutter even admits that he was laughing when he infamously tore into the show on Twitter, saying series creator Ryan Murphy is a good friend.

Still, don’t expect Jax to show up and rescue a Glee club anytime soon, although a biker gang character on Glee doesn’t seem that far outside of the box.

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