Batman vs. Superman: Warner Bros Officially Trademarks 'Nightwing'


We’ve been waiting to hear word on the rumor started last week that Batman vs. Superman was going to feature the character Nightwing and today we pretty much got confirmation that this is going to be the case. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has copyrighted the name Nightwing, which can really only lead fans to one conclusion.

Earlier this month, Warner Bros put in paperwork to get Nightwing trademarked, meaning the name can’t be used by another studio making a film as Warner Bros has essentially called dibs on the character. But in an interesting piece in The Hollywood Reporter, it’s pointed out that just because Warner Bros. trademarked Nightwing, doesn’t necessarily mean the character is obliged to show up in Batman vs. Superman. 

The chances that he does are pretty high at this point, especially after a scoop from El Mayimbe and Latino-Review revealed that Warner Bros is looking for an actor to potentially play the role.

But the piece in The Hollywood Reporter more detailed the push by studios to go on trademarking benders so as to either secure a property they want to feature in a film immediately or feature in the future. So just because the name Nightwing and the symbol has been trademarked by Warner Bros, don’t think that it’s automatic confirmation that he’s going to appear in Batman vs. Superman.

One conclusion you should draw though, specifically from a symbol being trademarked, is that Warner Bros is possibly planning a rollout of a stand-alone Nightwing film. This would continue to the push towards a Justice League movie or some kind of anti-Avengers counterpunch that at the very least grows DC’s brand in the same way Marvel is currently doing.

We’ll keep an eye on this one for you, but trademarking the name Nightwing and it’s symbol is both something you shouldn’t think too hard about but shouldn’t avoid reading into a little.

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