Entourage Movie Gets Official Production Start Date in Early 2014


With a deal finally in place for the much anticipated Entourage movie to actually happen, after spending the better part of a year in  limbo, a production start date has been set for filming to begin. According to Variety, Entourage will begin filming on January 16, 2014 which puts it right on pace for a 2015 release date.

The show’s creator, Doug Ellin, tweeted out a confirmation of the production start date earlier on Wednesday.

It’s news that fans of the show have been wanting to hear for months as now that the contract disputes are settled, the film is moving forward faster than anyone realized it would. That’s likely because it’s been sitting in limbo for so long that fans of the show and the eventual film have been trained to not expect much out of the process.

But before we know it, cameras will be rolling in Los Angeles and elsewhere for the Entourage movie and before we can blink, the long wait for the finished film will be here. Hopefully nothing goes wrong in production as fans can’t handle another lengthy delay but the wheels are turning and the gang will back back in our lives before we know it.

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