Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman Nymphomaniac O-Faces Collected in New Posters (Photo)

The world is still patently awaiting the release of Lars Von Trier’s new film which promises to pack all the controversial punch of the films he’s done in the past. Nymphomaniac isn’t even trying to hide the controversy as you need to look no further than the title of the picture to see all you need to know.

But if you look further, you’ll find some pretty risqué character posters for the film, which shows each of the main actors in very orgasmic poses — literally. You can check out those crazy yet totally fitting character poster here, as we had them up last month, but today all the O-face glory was collected in one place in a new batch of posters released for the film.


Yeah, it’s going to be a crazy time at whatever cinema you find crazy enough to run the picture. It’s a shame though that Von Trier’s films get bad reputations when people judge just the posters. Sure, his films are wildly left of center and he rarely plays by the rules of basic cinematic storytelling, but he’s one of the last filmmakers who sees the medium as an art form in it’s most purest of senses.

Nymphomaniac looks like a film that will trick a lot of people into seeing an art house saga because they’re going in due to sex selling. That might possibly be the entire point of the film that Von Trier is trying to point out to us as a society.



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