Saturday Night Live: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake Dream Team to Host SNL on December 21


We’ve seen a slew of excellent hosts come through Saturday Night Live this season but while Edward Norton, Lady Gaga and Tina Fey have been great, they have nothing on the host and musical guest duo that the folks at Saturday Night Live have coupled for their Christmas show.

NBC and SNL have announced officially that the December 21st episode of the show will be hosted by former cast member Jimmy Fallon and SNL legend Justin Timberlake as musical guest.

We’re still doing the math on this one, but we don’t think it’s mathematically or scientifically possible to handle that much awesomeness in one sitting. But we’re going to certainly find out just how many heads explode due to not being able to comprehend the dream team that SNL has finally put together.

We’ve seen Fallon have Timberlake on for weeks at a time — yes, entire weeks where he’s the guest. Those have been some of the best episode of Fallon’s late night show and SNL has been graced with Timberlake’s presence multiple times as he ranks among the best hosts to have ever appeared on the show.

You know the show is going to be epic when Timberlake is pushed back to musical guest, but we can plan on this show being a co-hosting gig between Fallon and Timberlake.

We’ll have to wait about a month for the show to actually happen, but until then we’re all going to train our brains to be able to properly handle the epic levels of awesome SNL is going to be streaming our way on December 21st.

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