Nymphomaniac Red Band Trailer: Is It Porn or Is It Art? (Video)


One of the most interesting films to follow heading into the new year is Lar Von Treir’s erotic arthouse drama Nymphomaniac which stars a lot of Hollywood A-Llist stars and features even more explicit on-screen sex. It’s interesting in that Von Trier has once again created something so amazingly controversial that it’s going to be impossible not to talk about as we near it’s European release date.

So far, no America distributor has showed any interest in releasing the film, which will easily be dismissed as pornography by anyone who views any of the trailer or clips from the film. But that’s where the ever present question of is it art enters the equation.

The first official trailer was released today for the film and it’s so unbelievably filthy that not only should you avoid watching it at work but you should probably draw the curtains when watching it at home.  But when you analyze the trailer, you begin to see that it’s either the most aggressively pornographic thing ever filmed by a real filmmaker or it’s the artsiest porno you’ll ever watch — or maybe it’s something entirely different.

It’s a very fine line and one that will have friends and colleagues falling n both sides. But at it’s core, when you strip away the explicit sexual imagery, the film is generating a debate over art and it’s limits. Lars Von Trier has made a career out of doing such a thing and he’s managed to make some very impressive films along the way.

We won’t see the film until Christmas day and that’s only if you live in Europe. But the debate about it has already begun and it’s one that won’t soon find an easy answer.


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