The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus to Join The Crow Reboot as Main Villain?

It’s been almost 20 years since we first saw the classic comic book character The Crow first appear on the big screen, but the movie has always been marred by the fact that actor Brandon Lee died performing the role. We’ve had sequels to the original, all of which each sunk lower wand lower when it came to quality, but word of a reboot has had fans hopeful that The Crow will once again fly.

Today, thanks to the folks over at Schmoes Knows, we have another big piece of the reboot puzzle to play with. According to the site, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is in talks to star as a character named James. Who James is and how he factors into the story isn’t yet known, but there’s a good chance hat he might be playing the antagonist role.

Nothing yet has been confirmed by Reedus, his camp or the studio but considering that Luke Evans has already been cast as Eric Draven, the titular character, Reedus likely won’t be playing a small role in the film. It’s possible that he’s one of Draven’s bandmates, as he certainly has the look, but that seems too simple for Reedus.

It’s very possible that given his anti-hero status on The Walking Dead, that Reedus will want to go against type and just drop the hero act. It would be awesome to see Evans and Reedus battling it out in the reboot of The Crow, but until we get definite confirmation of what Reedus’ role is, should he even be officially cast, we’re going to be left imaging how he’ll fit into things.

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