The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7 Trailer Spoils Death of Character (Video)


Part of what makes The Walking Dead so intense is the element of the unknown that the showrunners have created. The show has demonstrated in the past that it’s not afraid to kill of major characters and that’s a trend that seems to be continuing this week as another new episode of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC.

But the show is televised globally and each country has their own way of teasing the new episode of the show. In Brazil, that method apparently involves spoiling a death for the upcoming episode as that’s exactly what has happened in the promos for this Sunday’s episode.

Be warned, the trailer below may be in a different language but the spoiler is pretty hard to miss.

It’s not a massive death, like say Rick or Herschel being killed by The Governor but it’s still very notable. It shows that The Governor apparently isn’t the changed man we thought he was or maybe he is and we just don’t know the context in which he had to kill an old enemy.

Still, the promo really makes no bones about just giving up what looks to be a major plot point in this week’s episode. Still, even with it spoiled, the question of why the death happened is still an element of the unknown that will preserve the spoiler-aspect of things even if we know it’s coming.

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