Xbox One Discs and Packaging Missing Blu-Ray Logo, Discs Still Work


Last night marked the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4 but the release wasn’t without it’s fair share of problems. The most aggressive error during the release seemed to be the pretty stunning omission of the Blu-Ray logo from both the Xbox One discs and it’s packaging.

This sent Xbox users into a frenzy, as it was said that Xbox One would be able to play Blu-ray discs but without the logo on any of the packaging, users were led to believe that their new machine wouldn’t be able to do this.

Rest assured though, the Xbox One can indeed play Blu-Ray discs, and as much was pointed out by the Xbox One support twitter feed last night.

The issue is just one of many that video game users have had over the past week with both Microsoft and Sony. The issues seem to be clearing up but either it’s because we live in the age of social media where every minor issue is made public, or it was just neglect on the part of the companies, but this next-fen release week has hardly been as glamorous as Sony and Microsoft were hoping.

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