Batman vs. Superman: Has the Nightwing Logo been Revealed? (Photo)


In recent weeks there has been growing talk of the comic book character Nightwing showing up in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie but so far the talks haven’t really developed. That’s not to say the character isn’t being considered, as Warner Bros has trademarked a slew of Nightwing names, logos and other properties, but that’s really the only moment of late on the subject.

But we may be starting to get a feel for the direction a possible Nightwing movie could be headed as we may have stumbled upon a potential logo for a franchise. When it was announced that Warner Bros was trademarking various elements of Nightwing, one of the descriptions seems to be for a logo that featured the Nightwing name over a Batman symbol.

We didn’t have a photo of this on file, and I’m not a graphic artist so really only words could describe the logo. But thanks to the fine folks over at, we have visual representation of what the potential new Nightwing movie logo will look like.


This particular logo is the current comic book logo for Nightwing and it’s a logo that would make the most sense. Mistly no one outside of the comic book world knows who Nightwing is, but they know who Robin is. What people might not know is that the original Robin grew up to become Nightwing and still lives in the shadow of Batman.

Having the Nightwing name over the top of the Batman symbol will not only familiarize audiences with the character and the connection, but it’s symbolic in of itself. It also looks really cool, even if it does harken back a bit to the old Batman & Robin logo. There’s nothing official stating this is the new Nightwing logo, but don’t be surprised if when revealed, it looks very similar to this one.

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