Doctor Who Day Of The Doctor 50th Anniversary Special Preview (Video)

We’ve been hearing for months now about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special that will be airing this month entitled The Day of the Doctor, but the time is here that we finally get to see it. We’ve seen teaser trailers, teaser images and even  prequel short but all of that is just getting Doctor Who fans more and more excited for the special to air. 

But while we’ve known the special is going to air this month, some fans might not know the specific date or time is airs. Part of this is that the special will be simulcast globally and when the special airs depends on where in the world you live as the special is originating out of the BBC in London, meaning we’re all on British time.

For American audiences, this means that the special will be airing in the afternoon hours and you’ll additionally need to adjust for the time zone you live in. Thankfully, if you don’t get BBC America, you can still watch the show online through a live stream, so don’t get too down on yourself.

Here’s a final chance at a quick video preview of today’s 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who called Day of the Doctor:

It seems like it’s complicated to adjust for international time and then local time but we have all the information you need to know in order to catch the special when it premieres so you only have to worry about enjoying the special and not about scrambling to find the premiere time.

Date: Saturday, November 23rd
Start Time: 2:50pm ET
TV Info: BBC America
Live Stream: YouTube

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