Saturday Night Live, Josh Hutcherson: Opening Sketch Roasts George Zimmerman


Tonight marked the first time that actor Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live, but aside from the question of how well Hutcherson will do on the show, fans were wondering how well the opening sketch would go given the fact that so far this season we’ve had a streak of hot opening sketches.

But tonight the streak sort of came to a halt, although not a complete one. Despite having some really hard hitting and hilarious cold opens so far, this week’s opening was a little light on the laughs and really didn’t pack the satirical punch we have grown accustom to. That’s not to say it didn’t have it’s moments, but it was by far the weakest cold open of the season thus far.

The premise revolved around George Zimmerman, who was arrested for a second time since the much publicized Trayvon Martin trial, but the jokes didn’t really sting like they could have. The best part of the opening was Bobby Moynihan playing a Florida police officer and highlighting the reasons why you should not hate on Florida — which was a list of the horrible things to have come out of Florida in the past twenty years.

Overall, the cold open wasn’t awful but maybe it’s just that we were spoiled by the great openings so far this season. Still, it was a let down and it was the first of the season so far. Hopefully, the rest of the show doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the very cold open.

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