Family Guy Season 12, Episode 6 "Life of Brian" Preview (Video)

It hasn’t been on television as long as The Simpsons but Family Guy has already taken it’s place as the best animated show in FOX’s “Animation Domination” block on Sunday nights. Seth MacFarlane’s show is in its 12th season on the air and while he may be focusing more and more on a film directing career, he’s still very invested in the only show FOX seems willing to stick with.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what tonight’s episode will be about:

When Stewie and Brian travel back to 17th century Jamestown, via Stewie’s time machine, they encounter too many close calls with altering the course of mankind. Stewie decides to destroy his time machine, but immediately regrets his decision when an unthinkable event happens and he is unable to go back in time

So when does the next episode of the 12th season of Family Guy premiere? We have all the information you need to know to catch it on FOX:

Date: Sunday, November 24th
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Episode Name: ”Life of Brian”
TV Info: FOX
Live Stream: iTunes, Amazon Instant

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