Saturday Night Live, Josh Hutcherson Review: Was Hunger Games Star Funny?


Tonight marked the first time that rising star and The Hunger Games Catching Fire actor Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live and the question going in was how well would the newly 21 year old actor fair on the big stage with the bright lights. He had some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of first time hosts as Edward Norton, Kerry Washington and Lady Gaga all preceded him consecutively as first time hosts.

But while the task was daunting and the night wasn’t that great overall, Hutcherson still made the most of things and turned in a pretty decent performance as host.

The show bounced back from a pretty stale cold open with a hilarious monologue that saw Hutcherson spoof both The Hunger Games and his easily injured character from the movie. He also took a stab at the fact that people forget the movies stemmed from a popular book before we blew into the sketches on the night. 

Overall, the sketches were on the weaker side but they mostly all had salvageable bits within them. Aidy Bryant carried the first sketch which otherwise fell flat, but Hutcherson was pretty great in a skit that made fun of Subway dancers in New York. Beck Bennet carried his first sketch of the season as a man-baby boss with the head and size of a grown man but the motor functions of a small child.

Hutcherson again was gray in a sketch goofing the 80s that saw him lip-synch the classic song “Your Love” by The Outfield before breaking into an unsynched verse of the song which showed off a hilariously awful singing voice.

Not every sketch was a hit and most of them fell a bit short, but overall we give Hutcherson the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being a first time host and once you invest yourself into the best bits of the show, you find yourself having a better time than you expected.

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