Family Guy Fans Petition Seth MacFarlane Over Killing Brian Griffin

Last night’s episode of Family Guy saw a major charter get killed off as the family dog Brian Griffin was struck by a car and later revealed to have died from his wounds. The death has sent shockwaves throughout circles of fans who have either taken to Twitter to blast the show for killing off a main character or are still in denial about the whole ordeal.

But fans are taking matters into their own hands and petitioning Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy writers over the death of Brian Griffin.

The petition only has just over 2,000 signatures but the comments explaining reasons why fans want Brian back is really the reason to check out the page. But the tributes to the fallen member of the Griffin family extended beyond a simple petition — which the creators of Family Guy just have to be laughing about — and the largest outpouring of support is on social media.

We highlighted some reactions by fans on Twitter last night after the episode debuted, but Facebook is still going crazy after the death of Brian. The Facebook page ‘R.I.P. Brian Griffin from Family Guy’ already has over 100,000 likes and counting less than 24 hours after the episode aired.

The producers of Family Guy are content in their decision to kill off Brian, with Steve Callaghan explaining that the decision to kill Brian was made a while ago and that the character really is dead. He states that fans need to have faith in the creators of the show, but the petitions and public outcry both shows that people care way too much about a cartoon character, but demonstrates how important an alcoholic cartoon dog can be in our lives.

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