Family Guy Kills Brian Griffin: Watch Brian Die on Family Guy (Video)

This Sunday’s episode of Family Guy was perhaps the most shocking episode of the series yet and it had nothing to do with a political joke that was told or an FCC violation that was tossed in the audiences face. Rather, fans were forced to say goodbye to one of the most well-known characters on the show as Brian Griffin was killed off after being hit by a car.

All of this went down in an episode that first saw Stewie dismantle his famed time machine that had sent the hilarious duo on so many missions together. After he got rid of the time machine, Stewie encountered the one moment he truly wished he could have reversed as Brian was struck by a car right in front of his eyes.

After the shocking episode, FOX aired a brief tribute to the fallen member of the Griffin clan, which featured a tearful trip down memory lane that only Family Guy could make as heartbreaking as it was hilarious.

Here’s the tribute that was shown, which features Brian’s last moments alive on the show:

It’s an event that has polarized fans of the show. Some fans took to twitter to attack series creator and voice of Brian Seth MacFarlane, while others are still trying to deny what they saw.

But Brian Griffin truly is a dead character on the show for now, something that producer Steve Callaghan confirmed before Sunday’s episode. It’s unclear if he’ll ever come back, as he likely will in some creative way, but the death of Brian Griffin has shocked Family Guy fans everywhere and it’s something that will be debated endlessly.

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