Family Guy Kills Off Brian, Fans on Twitter Lose Their Minds

family guy 2

Tonight’s episode of Family Guy featured a pretty shocking twist as the show killed off a major character that has been with the show since the very beginning of the series. After 12 years on the show, Seth MacFarlane and company killed off the character of Brian, the Griffin’s family dog, and didn’t bring him back at the end of the episode.

Now, don’t go too crazy on the writers of the show, as we have our doubts that Brian is actually gone for good. But for the time being, everyone’s favorite alcoholic liberal dog is no more. Needless to say, Twitter went nuts when the shocking twist played itself out.




Again, it’s highly doubtful that Brian is actually dead, but we wouldn’t put it past the Family Guy crew to try and spice things up by killing him off and replacing him with a new dog. Twitter bought the bit if it’s not real, and the reactions show just how many people still watch the show and care about it’s characters.

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