Family Guy Kills Off Brian Griffin, But Is He Really Gone Forever?


Tonight saw a shocking twist hit Quahog and the much watched FOX series Family Guy as a major character was killed off from the show and put to rest for good. This isn’t theorist time the show has killed off a regular character but it’s the first time a main character was killed off.

Brian Griffin, the alcoholic family dog, was hit by a car during the episode and later revealed to have died. This was an event that not only shocked the characters on the show, as Stewie Griffin was distraught beyond belief, but fans of the show too have taken the death of Brian Griffin incredibly hard.

Most vented their rage and sadness on Twitter but some are still not buying that the show killed off a main character without hardly any hype at all. To be honest, this is something that both bothers and impresses me as it’s a twist that show has to be applauded for pulling off.

Unlike The Simpsons, who shoved teases of a major death down our throats earlier in the year, Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin suddenly and almost unannounced. It’s also right in line with the show being a throwback to old sitcoms of eras gone by, as major character deaths have occurred on major shows before and Family Guy treated the death in such a way. 

Now, there’s the question of if he’s really dead or not. Producer Steve Callaghan spoke before the episode and confirmed that Brian is actually dead and this isn’t a prank on the fans of the show. Fans that are in denial about the death of Brian will quickly point to the fact that upcoming plots for episodes that have been revealed involve Brian being alive.

For instance, an unnamed episode sees Mya Rudolph guest voice as a runner who falls in love with Brian while another episode is entitled ‘Brian is a Bad Father’.

So in all likelihood, Brian Griffin is actually dead in the timeline of the show but it’s not like we won’t ever see him again. The show could have Brian return in flashback style episodes, where his story about falling in love with a runner is told through flashback or even a retrospective and an episode about Brian being a bad father could also be told in a similar way.

It’s a shocking twist that fans didn’t see coming and the reaction to Brian Griffin’s death and the sheer amount of denial about it goes o show just how well liked he was as a character.

Do you think Brian is really dead, or will Stewie rebuild his time machine and bring him back? Sound off in the comments section below and give us your theory.

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  • don_vare

    unannounced? they said this will happen since comic con

  • AlfredLehmberg

    Restore Brian!

  • BreannaFox89

    Any article that includes ” vented their rage and sadness on Twitter” automatically becomes crap. Twitter is ‘activism’ for the slacker-set.

  • Paul Sarno

    from watching the series i saw a paradox within that rattles my brain. stewie 1 went back time with brian changed the future and went back to right after they gave guns to indians. if u notice stewie set 2 just walked away and stewie 1 saw them. ok which brings question if stewie took the guns the 2nd set would come back to same timezone and see it unchanged. also why didnt stewie stop them before guns given. this makes me believe somehow the second stewie set will make way to original time with brian alive to 2 stewies and 1 dead one alive brian. or somehow a stewie can get hands on the return pad from his self per paradox in some way.

    • Phill A. Sheeo

      Nicely done

  • Phill A. Sheeo

    Wow. I still… wha? Damn. R.I.P Brian. Never was there a drunker dog than you, friend.

  • Zackary Schejbal

    Brian was just old news. I guess they killed him off because he was starting to get boring and they needed a fresh new start. Give Vinny a chance before you go start insulting him when Vinny only had one episode so far. Give Vinny some time to prove himself for God’s sake! DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!!

  • Daniel Carl Chandler Jr

    Please BRING HIM BACK….Stewie, rebuild your time machine. Go back in time. No matter how many different ways you save him. He will still die all in different ways. So after your many attempts. Take a tissue sample off of his nose bleed after punching him for being so damn hard to save. Then come back to the present time and clone him. If you must , use a little black magic to bring Brian’s soul into the new and improved Wonder Dog!