Family Guy Producers Explains Why Show Killed Off Brian Griffin

family guy

On tonight’s episode of Family Guy, the series bid farewell to one of the most well liked and well known characters on the show. Brian Griffin, the family’s long-time dog and companion, was hit by a car and killed in Sunday’s episode mere minutes after evil genius Stewie Griffin dismantled his time machine.

We have our doubts that Brian is gone forever, but Family Guy producer Steve Callaghan spoke to E! News before tonight’s episode and sounded pretty final and content about having Brian killed off for good.

This was an idea that got pitched in the writers room and it sort of caught fire, and we thought it could be a fun way to shake things up. As soon as this idea came up, we started talking about what the next couple episodes could be and we got very excited about the way this change will affect the family dynamics and the characters.

That’s not what fans of the show want to hear, as Brian Griffin was one of the best characters on the show when paired with Stewie. The partnership the two characters had was some of the show’s best moments — and some fans contest the only good moments the show has had recently.

Brian was almost immediately replaced by a new dog named Vinny, voiced by The Sopranos actor Sirico, something that Callaghan says shouldn’t bother loyal fans of the show.

Our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us. We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.

What do you think of the shocking Family Guy twist on Sunday’s episode? Are you going to miss Brian Griffin or are you happy to see him go and see the show change things up? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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  • Todd Jensen

    Guess they’re taking the Two and a Half Men route to bordem. Very stupid move. I no longer watch Two and a Half Men, guess we know where I’m going with this one. Bad move Seth.

    • fire115

      there is one flaw in your stupidity, Two and a Half Men is not drawn.

      • fantastimoso Labradork

        You dont say?

        • William White

          I wish I could vote this up twice.

          • Ghetto Muppet

            Log out and vote as a guest.

      • Nikki

        Its also no good anymore…so hmmm it wasnt stupidity

  • Michael Ruschak

    “we thought it could be a fun way to shake things up. As soon as this
    idea came up, we started talking about what the next couple episodes
    could be and we got very excited about the way this change will affect
    the family dynamics and the characters.”
    “Our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long
    enough, to know that they can trust us. We always make choices that
    always work to the greatest benefit of the series.”

    • Jack Daniels

      Not this time? I guess you’re implying that fans of Family Guy aren’t smart. You’re a funny guy Michael. Funny guy!!

      • Orion Johnson

        Pun intended?

    • Len Mitchell

      I agree. I also hate when the out-of-touch-with-reality executives think they know their fans when they have no clue.

    • captain_quirk

      “We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.”

      Could this be the most arrogant comment ever made by anyone in the history of the world?

  • D2Kvirus

    So it wasn’t the FG writers trying to one-up The Simpsons in the let’s-kill-off-a-character stakes?

    • John D. Civilian

      Of course not. Mrs Krabappel’s write off was a direct result of her voice actor dying. Family guy, not so much.

      • geordan krahn

        Mrs. Krabappel was a secondary character. Whos gonna miss a character who only ever had a few lines every once in a while, and maybe a few dedicated episodes? Like Miss Crabtree from South Park, “She was considered an ancillary character, One the fans wouldn’t miss too much”. Point i’m making is don’t kill off main characters. Kenny dies for a season in south park, but kenny always did, once again, who is gonna miss a character whos lines are largely just words muffled into the microphone? The only thing people missed was his deaths, when they brought him back, he stopped dying nearly as often. If Brian is brought back(which i highly doubt) What reason would there be to do so? Fans demanding it? Or because his character played a larger role in the show than the writing staff even considered? Maybe they will get bored of this Vinny? Who knows? No one. The writing staff made a mistake, it cant be undone, the best you can do is just follow through with it, and at least hope the show has some fresh new ideas, better than the previous 5 seasons of shit.

        • Len Mitchell

          The teacher from South Park that died was Ms. Choksondik.

          • geordan krahn

            i was talking about the original bus driver. Clearly you know dick about South Park.

          • J.K

            can u watch ur language? or do just not have a good vocabulary

          • Liz

            Wake up, this is the internet. People can use whatever goddamn fucking words they’d like. It’s funny how you call out people on ‘good vocabulary’ when you use ‘u’ and ‘ur.’

          • J.K

            1. just because u can doesnt mean u should. 2. good vocabulary as in words not spelling idiot.

          • Asuran

            JK you are such a moron, people are exercising their vocabulary by using proper language. Also did you know that “fuck the fucking fuckers” is actually a legitimate sentence?

          • Len Mitchell

            No need for insults there sparky. This is a friendly discussion. You started off talking about a TEACHER on the Simpsons so I tried to follow you “logic”. My wish for you is to master some of the simple nuances of the English language. Good luck!

          • geordan krahn
      • D2Kvirus

        Remember a couple of months ago how Al Jean was hyping this current season by saying that one major character would be killed off?

  • OfficialJab

    No complaint here.

    When you’re in Season 12, give the show a kick in the pants. If the writers are the same and the only removal is one character, then how drastically will the show really change course? I’ve been watching since the first DVD set, have them all, and have seen them all several times – Family Guy is one of my favourites. This does not bother me.

    • geordan krahn

      What if they killed off Peter? Brian was an integral part of the intellectual aspect the show had to offer. Peter is the moron. Without Brian, where is the balance?(Stewie, although smart, is quite immature). Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, but i honestly don’t think the show will ever be the same.

      • OfficialJab

        Brian hasn’t been the voice of reason in the show for a while, he’s just been a liberal stereotype to communicate that they’re aware of their politics bleeding into the show. I don’t think the show will change in any of the ways that makes it what it is now.

        In fact it’s within their trend lately of attempting sincere dramatic storytelling alongside the brash humor. It’s not their strength, but they’ve been trying it more often and that was a strong episode. The death would have been enough, but the orchestra was at its best, and they didn’t sappily milk the death scene. He had one quick line and it was over. And for better or worse, Vinnie’s final heart to heart with Stewie was very convincing. Whether they keep this or buy it back in a few weeks, it’s a good trial run for their writers and a better one for their fans.

        • geordan krahn

          While that is true, you are also correct about that not being a strength. The show seriously needs to take several steps back, lets say seasons 1-7, season 5 being the height of popularity. Ya its their show, they can do with what they want, hell kill off Stewie for that matter. However, my point is that this was a foolish attempt at keeping the show “fresh”. That whole episode was seriously disturbing, and not funny in the least, and if people think thats funny, well to each their own, but a person must be messed up to think that could be construed as even remotely humorous. It was touching to say the least.

          • Kyle Smith

            Just because something is comedy does NOT mean it all has to be satire. Comedy commonly becomes serious in order to progress a plot point, to develop a character, or to convey a serious moral. Simpsons in the first 5 seasons had many intensely emotional episodes that weren’t really funny at all, but built up character personalities.

          • Kyle Smith

            I got tired very quickly of Brian until about 2008 when he was used as a schill for the ultra-liberals. If he wasn’t paired with Stewie after that year, he remained 2 dimensional. Quagmire’s rant summarizes my feelings on Brian as well.

          • geordan krahn

            “However, my point is that this was a foolish attempt at keeping the show “fresh”.”

            They were clearly going for over the top. No matter which angle in which you look at the subject, be it comedy, be it political, whatever.. That episode accomplished one thing, end the series. However, the show was on its way out anyway. The Simpsons comparison seems out of place, that show manages to keep fresh but has never seen the same glory it used to have. Furthermore, as you say comedy commenly becomes serious in order to progress a point, this may be true but it still involves relevant humor. This episode was far from it. At this point i feel im just ranting on, and yes, to a large extent i am. In closing i must reiterate my initial point; this show has become too cut and dry, like the Simpsons, a show that many would not miss, but would still be upset to see it go(yes, some fans have a hard time letting go). Sometimes when a show to drags on for too damn long, it needs to end, and if you try to keep the show fresh, well the way these guys did was once again foolish, unnecessary and completely out of place, no matter how ultra liberal Brain seems to be(voice of reason? no. Ties the stupidity and humor together while conveying a logical breakdown of the comedic aspect of the shows plot? In most cases, yes.) And once again, this was disturbing.

          • John Chigeris

            You can’t say “In closing I must reiterate my initial point,” then drone on for another half-paragraph.

          • geordan krahn

            Clearly i just did. You saying i can’t just illustates the stupidity of the typical viewer.

          • OfficialJab

            Its a cartoon dog, the jokes still play. Quagmire texting at his funeral, good gag. Mayor West vanishing into the air, great gag. Even the squirrel kicking his body was funny. If they did the same things at Brian O’Conners funeral in Fast 7 I would agree, but Brian doesn’t really matter.

            I think their stories are often good now, they need to be teamed with better jokes is all.

  • Michael Perkins

    their show, they can do what they want.

    • Duke

      I agree, but let’s see the final results.

  • Zen Rider

    I will not be watching the show again unless they bring him back. In fact, I will not watch the show until they bring him back. When I read somewhere that Brian has returned, then, maybe I will go back and watch the episodes in between. If Fox wanted a reason to cancel the show, the producers just gave them a reason aka loss of entire fan base.

    • Travis Duarte

      “I will not be watching the show again unless they bring him back. In fact, I will not watch the show until they bring him back.”
      Was there a difference from the first time you said it?

    • Me

      Family Guy sucks anyway.

  • bigbob666

    After all these years I deleted “Family Guy” from my DVR………F U Seth……you big anal aperture!!
    Buy the whey………….the new “Dog” sucks much a$$!!!!

    • Guest

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      • Jeannine

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      • adsescdvdfv

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      • Michelle LeVeaux

        big bad bob 666 (oooo, I’m scared) is in reality Little Miss Muffet and has a bad case of arachnophobia!

  • Zackary Schejbal

    Even though Brian was a very loved character on Family Guy. I think that if he didnt die from a car, they would’ve got rid of him sometime in the future. Remember the episode of Family Guy where Stewie is traveled in time to the future with his future self and it showed that Brian was dead??? Was that a sign of the future episode where Brian is gone for good and Vinny is taking his place??? LOOK AT THE LITTLE STUFF IN THE EPISODES THAT LEAVE CLUES TO THE FUTURE!!!!! If we paid more attention to that episode, we would’ve known ahead of time. And Brian really didnt have alot of time left to live. Think from 1999 to 2013. That’s 14 years!!!! He would’ve died a year later from old age. But anyways, let’s atleast give Vinny a shot to see if he might be a better dog towards Stewie. I bet once Vinny is loved by the fans, Brian is going to be forgotten and Family Guy will be way better.
    GIVE HIM A SHOT!!!!!! They wouldn’t have killed a main character of the show if it was for bad reasons.
    Pray Vinny’s better than Brian. GO VINNY!!!!

    • Mario Kitty Kyurem

      Brian is eight years old in the series as of around 2012. Before that, he was seven all along the series.

    • Austin

      The whole timeline thing you suggested about him dying of old age wouldn’t really make sense because Chris and Meg have both been in high school for 14 years now.

    • Cyn Haynes

      While I see where you’re going with this… that would make Stewie a 14 year old infant istill n diapers and a high chair.

      Vinny is a likeable character, but honestly, for me the only reason I watched Family Guy anymore was for Brian. I feel like Family Guy has become 2 minutes of plot and 20 minutes of stretching out a joke.

    • Len Mitchell

      He died from getting into the garbage and eating chocolate. Remember the cutaway with him in heaven talking to Van Gough, Hemingway and Cobain?

  • Mrteapot

    I’ll bet my left testicle this is temporary just like kenny in south park. Give it a year or two, stewie will make another time machine and brian is back.

    • FletchGuy

      I hope its not a year or 2. That would be way to long and kill off the rating which will end the show by then. They have 3 maybe 4 episodes to get Brian back in and Vinny gone or moved to maybe someone elses dog.

      • Zoe

        Yes – I totally agree with you FletchGuy – a year or two is too long. Bring Brian back, or this show is done.

      • fourthletter

        Back during the Christmas special – no doubt!

        • Kian Drury

          Confirmed days ago :)

      • danielraize

        in the upcoming series they are

    • J.K

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          • Joe Thompson

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          • Zach Boydston

            Holy shit this whole thread should BE a Family Guy episode. The one where Brian comes back even. Somebody, for the love of God, get Seth McFarlane on this ASAP!

            P.S. Testicles.

          • tbirdoo7us .

            AMEN!!!!!!!! I thought this was about FAMILY GUY! I has went from Brian to testicles to this bullshit.

          • dick

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          • Mallow

            Seriously people, if this person is really a 12 year old child rather than a troll living in momma’s basement, they are a sad, sad, sheltered little creature. I can actually see myself at 12 years old in this person’s ignorant remarks…if she is lucky, through some random and unfair life event, she’ll change her attitude and start educating herself once she’s through with puberty.

            All this over a testicle, really. *shakes head* For those who are unaware, particularly the uninformed 12 year olds among us, “Testicle” is the proper scientific and medical term used to refer to the sperm-producing organ in a male’s reproductive system. It’s no more a dirty word than “Heart” :Lungs” “Pituitary Gland” or “Ovary.”

          • Rob Dotzler

            Agreed Mallow, especially since this is a thread about Family Guy, one of the most blatantly offensive programs on a broadcast network! Almost to funny to wrap my head around. Almost.

          • tbirdoo7us .

            OMG!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! “Testicle” sparked a million word debate but yet the content on Family Guy is damn near X rated!!! Lol! People please get back to the subject at hand which is our opinion about how we feel about Brian being killed. My opinion is that it sucks!! I hope this is just a publicity stunt to get better ratings and they bring him back but, if they don’t, I’m with the guy who ditched Two and A Half Men (I did too!) I will quit watching it also. Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!!!

          • Jeff Lebowski

            or vagina

          • bob loblaw

            I can’t believe you just used those words…

          • Teresa Bradley

            We are already in Hell, you belong to a cult, go to bed.

          • Vivi Brown

            Why are you speaking in text-language? This is a computer. And we don’t have word limits in texts anyway these days, so the ‘r’ instead of ‘are’ and the ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ is redundant. You should learn to actually speak human before you come preaching about something as hilariously primitive as religion in an argument over a cartoon character. Please. Grow up, all of ya.

          • FUCK!

            Suddenly everyone’s an expert. Expert Class over here guys!!! Sit down, and Gooood daaamnit! Don’t you be saying testicles in my sex ed class!

          • dick

            fuck off

          • dick

            itz lyk u cnt red or somting, their ishnt hard to red you r just stuped

          • John Trollston

            I find it funny that if they go to hell for having an opinion then I’m going to meet “Satan” for what I do Christians are terrible people and you are why you always bitch about stuff and say your going to hell well thank “god” that I’m a pagan. Have fun with your flawed logic, Satan is the king of sin and he punishes those who commit sin. In a way he should reward sin, and thus I am a pagan and at times a Satanist. So go make Christians look bad somewhere else I normal don’t mind them but when they act like this thinking no one will mind them preaching everywhere. Oh yeah damn you to the god forsaken hole solemnly known as “Hell” so have fun dictating everyone when they can just dictate back and make you feel like crap. Now all other Christians don’t take this wrong but J.K you are one of the worst I’ve seen you are beyond red neck because me and my dad are red necks. You are in the class of Christians of “Old man married to a nun and if a teenager sneezes they douse them in holy water” so in a way your obsession level is over 9000. And we will see who saves you in the end I know if the world ends it means the human race did something wrong so they brought it upon themselves. Now it would be a miracle if you even read to this point due to your level of comprehension of grammar, so I’ll put it in your words. FUK OF YOU OVUR DRAMIC BICH. Anyone can type like that but now you see how stupid you look. So wheres your god now?

          • Asuran

            Spoiler Alert JK God doesn’t give a fuck, if he even exists he is a child with a magnifying glass at an Ant Hill, all you have to do to see evidence of that is look at todays world and society.


          • AmeliaBedelia

            There is no way in Hell that you are a true Christian. (See what I did there? Haha! Pun intended!)

          • Aard Rinn

            Holy shit, Twisted. Runt’s an annoying little SOB, but too fucking far, man. You’re talking to a twelve-year-old – if I caught you talking to my little sister about my mother like that, I’d put you in a fucking hospital; and don’t be such misogynistic bastard, your precious cock ain’t that special.

            JK, You shouldn’t damn people to hell like that – Christ teaches that good Christians should be mild and forgive offenses against them; while things may have gotten a bit heated, try to find peace. Twisted’s way out of line, but try not to rise to the bait…


          • fuck you bitch

            fuck off pussy girl

          • fuck you bitch

            jk go suck your dad

          • fuck you bitch

            if you have one

          • SR3

            J.K IS A SLUT

          • Peenus

            emo-fag troll

          • Jimmy Dorsemond

            22? you sound like you were born in ’22! you are such a male chauvinist! guys like you are beyond stupid! guys like you are a disgrace to the male gender! “men and women have their place.” motherfucker, this isn’t 1940! you’re a sick and deplorable person and if there was a god, you wouldn’t be alive!

          • Twisted

            Yeah, and guys like you is why this country ain’t worth a damn anymore. You probably lay on your ass and collect welfare and don’t know nothing about work. I’m a country guy, and that’s how things go. Men take care of the family by working, women take care of the family as a mother and wife. Ever notice how there wasn’t nearly as many divorces back 25 years ago? How everything was a bit better and people had a hell of a lot more respect. No one ran around actin gangsta and fags popping up everything. Bitch why don’t you take a look back on how things were and compare them to now. You’re a sick person if you think times are better now, go fuck yourself.

          • Jimmy Dorsemond

            I don’t give a damn what a narrow-minded, sexist prick like you thinks of anything! why don’t YOU do the world a favor for once in your worthless life and kill yourself! you’re also a bigot and you’re clearly not 22, you lying sack of shit! you’re at least 60 and a fucking republican! you people are a cancer to america and i’m done wasting my time talking to you!

          • Kelly HendrixBennett

            I’m 26, my husband is 27 and he works, I’m home with our child…what does that make us?

          • Twisted

            haha, whatever you say punk. I am the BACKBONE of America. Who do you think works their ass off and keeps this place running? I do everything legal and work my ass off to make a living. What do you do? Some comfy office job? Some fast food job? Probably a welfare using punk that has had everything handed to him. I help everyone that asks and don’t ask for nothing. Everything I got I’ve worked and earned, can you say the same? I don’t care about politics, go ahead and call me whatever, but I know who I am, and you’re just a piece of shit born and raised.

          • shaitn

            Jimmy, while I may agree with the basis of your statement, I don’t think it’s proper to tell someone to kill themselves. It is lowering yourself to a level as to make you seem less than intelligent, and I do think you are an intelligent person.

          • shaitn

            Just to point out something that you as a 22 year old may not know about something that was happening 25 years ago, allow me to say that a lot of things were different in the 80s. i am a man. I own my own company, and have for over 20 years. I do not expect a woman to be barefoot and pregnant, cooling my supper and taking care of the kids. Women are generally tougher than men, smarter than men and can usually work circles around men. That would be the truth coming from a man who has seen it. I have been around a lot longer than you, to boot, so let’s respect the ones who came before us and not respond like a child in the throes of a tantrum, all right? If you respond to this at all, please do so with the same respect I showed you here.

          • Twisted

            What are you talking about? I grew up with the older generation, and you say that you are an older man. How can you possibly agree with anything the supposed “12yr old girl” had to say? Let alone say things was not better back then, than they are now. Look at all the wanna be niggers, all the killers and robbers. People were like that then, but now everyone is trying to act like the, the younger generation is too lazy to work. They look for an easy way out. As far as men and women, I haven’t met a woman yet that could clean house as good as my grandpa and I. My grandmother is the only woman that could, that I have ever met. I don’t know where you came from with the barefoot and pregnant thing, I’m talking about how a womans job should be to work at home, taking care of the family and household. A mans job should be providing for that family, working, bringing home money, keeping things repaired around the house/vehicle. I understand it’s nearly impossible for 1 single person to work and provide for a family now a days, but I have for 4 years. No government assistance, no working girlfriend, no financial help at all. I did not live above my means, and still had a nice little apartment for my girlfriend and son. All that when I was 18. Now tell me what part of this argument you don’t agree with? Because I don’t understand what your post was about other than saying I am disrespectful? I will not show respect to kids who does not deserve it. Or to people that come calling me names to start.

          • shaitn

            I was not defending the 12 year old. Let’s get that out of the way right now. She is one that needs a fair amount of discipline applied judiciously to put her back on a proper path. What I was referring to was your apparently misogynistic views where the woman of the house should be barefoot and pregnant, rather than be able to have a career outside the home. Those views are dying because the world is moving on from those days where it was not only feasible for the working dad/stay at home mom to have a good life, but expected as well. We are in the 21st century and in a nearly worldwide depression/recession. Everyone needs jobs, including the woman of the house. As far as the disrespectful part, I was only asking that you not get bent out of shape because I disagreed with you about the role of adult women in society and be ugly with me. That’s all I was going for there. I hope that clears it all up. My apologies for not being clear enough the first time. I do tend to be a bit cryptic without meaning to.

          • John Trollston

            I blame Obama for the state of America, but people like that also ruin it.

          • FUCK!

            commmmmmmon now Jimmy, is it really worth getting that upset about? Really, you mad bro?? Family Guy? Brian Dead?! DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT??!?! – Great conversation.

          • Oi Mum Look

            On another note, Brian’s back. Yay!

          • guy

            oh come on! are you guys seriously fighting over this crap! it’s stupid and dumb. i don’t care if anyone is right OR wrong. this stuff is just time wasting bull.

          • Twisted

            It takes a few minutes out of my day. Not much time wasting there to try and get a point across. But I know, it’s stupid. (but you wasted time reading it all and typing this pointless reply)

          • Brittany Elise Radcliff

            If anyone is mentally retarded here, it’s you, and that’s because your parents obviously don’t pay enough attention to you, don’t discipline you, and don’t keep you doing something productive where you are actually learning. I don’t even want to play this game with you anymore, because if you are, indeed, a 12 year old girl, I feel incredibly sorry for where your life is headed. This can lead to nowhere, except an adult life of low self-esteem, and complete misunderstanding for anything on a higher, complex, IMPORTANT level, than comment threads on random websites, where you tell people you’re gonna “kick their ass”. So sad, and depressing. Your parents should have never reproduced, or they should have given you up for adoption if they weren’t going to do their job, as parents. They have failed you, and now you are perpetuating the cycle, by failing yourself, and will likely get pregnant by 16, and perpetuate the cycle even further, by failing your own bastard kids.

          • J.K

            u r only telling this 2 me cuz thats what happened 2 u when u were 16 and thats not gonna happen 2 me cuz i have faith in God and i wont have xxx in high school or until i get married.

          • geridear

            Sex, sweetie, sex. XXX is porno. Just because you are supposedly 12
            does not mean you have to be ignorant. If you are indeed 12, grab a
            book, learn to read and write and spell properly. Just because it’s the
            21st century does not mean you have to be and act stupid. If you’re not
            sure of proper terms ask an adult. You protest about a proper term but
            you sling vulgarity around and are proud of it. You’re a girl and speak
            like that? Just because boys and your friends do it doesn’t mean you
            have to lower yourself to that level.

            It’s a sad thought that you will probably grow up to and still be just that ignorant if not worse.

          • Rob Dotzler

            God is dead, hope you’ve got a back up plan…

          • J.K

            God isnt dead. what are you an athiest?

          • Rob Dotzler

            Despite my disinterest in what you think of my religious views, who the fuck are you to ask if I’m an atheist or not, which I am not. Seriously, only the Taliban and fundamentlist Christians want to force their religions on others. Which one are you? God is dead, because His “believers” forgot what He’d wanted from us. Dumb fuck.

          • Dixiegurl_sassy ®

            First, I don’t watch Family Guy because I am a young Christian lady. I was simply surprised that the character Brain had been replaced so I read the article.
            A young lady does not practice profanity and preach. It is hypocritical. If you are going to preach do not cruse at the same time. I understand being a young girl in middle school is hard. I’ve been there. But once you start cursing even if it is online or you just write it sooner or later it comes out your mouth. You don’t want to have the reputation of cursing like a sailor. I promise you and it is difficult to clean up such a reputation once you make it. Remember this phrase-it will get you far and help you earn respect from even those who hate you in time(you must have patience for others)- Garbage In= Garbage Out
            I have known many a person to watch family guy but those persons were not the most intelligent kindest or most Christ-like people. The real intelligent smart Christ like people watched more educational cleaner things or went out to eat with friends instead of stay on the pc. Young ladies study their Bible instead of Family Guy and cursing like a sailor on the Internet. As for the comments of those other people do not mind there rude talk. But keep in mind no matter what always treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated. The best advice to deal with any bully is simply be kind to them even when they treat you like trash.It always works. I have made quite a few former enemies into best friends over the years because I was kind to them. I earned respect from those who hated me because I tried my hardest not to sink as low as they.Most people bully because they are insecure and don’t have the love of Christ. As Christians we ought to put on the whole armor of God and read and study and carry our swords of truth, the Bible. Let our actions speak for us and show we are not of the world. Let what comes out of our mouth not be both of cursing and preaching of Christ but be only words of truth,Christ who is Love, and of biblical wisdom not words of malice and hate. To make empty threats especially to strangers esp. men makes a young lady or girl look rather foolish -misrepresents her parents who raised her look rather not good. When you talk about family online or in real life or go to social events anywhere you represent your parents , your family. Act like you would if your mother was watching you. Do nothing you would not do in front of your parents. Do nothing you would not do under the cross of Jesus. If you could not curse or make empty threats to people under the cross of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior curse not at all.
            I was merely reading the comments and browsing through internet subtitles but I felt it necessary to speak my mind. I will admit the first part of the web page was a little funny but it stopped when I saw what cruel comments were being said. Everyone points the finger at you but they are equally as hypocritical when they use equally as much foul language and say names I dare not repeat. Name calling is a thing children do. No one should name call or be called any name. They should not have done that .That does not excuse your words but they were equally in the wrong. So don’t listen to them. As for the cowardly country boy I agree he is a little ill. Definitely do not listen to him. Women are far much more than housewives and I cannot stand it when a guy undermines a lady’s abilities. So simply ignore his comments. Do not let it get under your skin. There will be people in real life like him and you can’t slap every guy that acts like that or beat him up .Firstly, beating guys up is un-lady like and not every guy is nice or a country boy that does not believe in hitting women. Secondly, you will need to learn to let those things go. If you lack anything nice to say, speak not at all. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE.Always answer back in love not hatred or out of spite because it is un-Christ like to do anything other. Please do not misuse or take anything I have said out of context. Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas.God bless you and may God bless all and be with all of ya’ll.
            [email protected]

          • Kelly HendrixBennett

            So, if you’re actually 12, and a christian as you’re claiming…why do you watch Family Guy? As for you damning anyone to hell…judge not lest ye be judged yourself, kid. Another point, if you’re 12, you know nothing of childbirth so don’t proclaim that YOU as a “woman” at age 12 have a clue. That guy can talk to you however he wants, no matter your gender or your age…why? Because if you think you’re such a tough little shit that can run her mouth and spout off disrespectfully at adults, then you need to be able to handle the backlash. Balls ♥

          • shaitn

            Look back at everything you have typed here. You get offended at testicle and won’t type the word sex, yet you say other swear words with ease. Why is that? Furthermore, a true Christian would not swear at all. What does that make you?

          • Guest

            Track me down, please.

          • Peenus

            eye like butch hoe-dyke girls.

          • Libby Stuart

            Seriously????? If J.K. is truly 12yrs old & you continue to speak to him like this then… are acting like a 12yr old!! How old are you????? SHEESH!!!

          • Twisted

            really Stuart? Do you know of any 12 year olds that act like that? And if there are, they don’t deserve to be living, let alone access to the internet and other enjoyable things. They should be locked up in Juvenile Detention.

          • shaitn

            To be fair, Twisted, if you think that 12 years olds dont act like that, watch Maury. It will rip your heart out to see what an abnormally high percentage of pre-pubescent kids act that way or worse.

          • Twisted

            That’s exactly my point. Those kids need to be taught a lesson and sent to detention. Their parents won’t punish, let the law do it. No one should act that way towards their parents. Even though a lot of parents anymore you cant call “parents”. Dad walks out when he finds out shes pregnant. Or they split shortly after. I was always the kind of guy that “I got myself into this, I have to deal with it” No option of just leaving or running. You fix what you mess up, or you live with it. My son was an accident, but I love him, and his mom. We have our many problems, but we don’t show it in front of him, and we get along a lot better now that she isn’t so lazy.

          • Derpenstein

            I say his mommy needs to learn how to swallow instead. Oh wait… I forgot, she does swallow now, or it goes in her eye.

          • Peenus

            eye wanna fuck you in the ass, hard

          • shaitn

            So, let me get this straight. You are 12. You are offended by the word testicle, which is a medical term for part of the male genitalia, yet you spew words like “bitch”, “ass” and “fuck”, while threatening people who are likely bigger, and almost definitely, older than you are? Listen, kid. I remember being 12 and acting a little like you. I learned to regret my actions. Be smart and don’t be like I was.

          • Ass_Kegels

            You ignorant twat. It’s truly a shame your mother wasn’t savagely raped by a jaguar in heat and the resulting half-cunt/half-jaguar baby ate your body from the inside out, starting with your genitals.

          • Jon Saucier

            Holy awesome

          • Brittany Elise Radcliff

            “Yeah I’m 12″. Well, that explains everything. Your parents need to take the internet away from you, and make you do your homework. Your life will continue to be consumed with this much ignorance if you don’t start reading books, and stop commenting, nonsensically, on threads with adults who are annoyed by your pubescence.

          • Lillian Killingbeck

            Yeah, I highly doubt this J.K. poster is a 12 year old. Me thinks it’s a troll in their 20′s looking to start farcical battles online with people.

            I’m dealing with one (interestingly on a Simpsons website) harassing me (impersonated me) and spamming pages with retarded comments.

            Says she’s 11 and that her mom died from cancer and now she’s got the same cancer. In short, making up lies to milk people for sympathy.

            But this disqus user is a lot more trouble than they should be than this J.K. person. God, I hate trolls/cyberharassers.

          • Guest

            Hey, J.K., why don’t you come over and visit some of us so we can have the pleasure of disciplining your stupid ass like your parents obviously are not?

          • fourthletter

            If your Dad is a pathological liar then chances are you have a few suprises coming your way in life.

          • Jeff Lebowski

            your momma is so fat that when she walked on the grass in high heels, she struck oil…bitch

          • Nelson Campbell

            Your mother is a worthless whore who is so ugly she can’t even give it away.There,I insulted your mother.Get busy kicking you pathetic little crack baby.

          • Deadeye

            Calm down there JK. Alright? I would never insult anyone unless they had it coming first I think I know exactly what’ll release those tensions and other things going on with you How’d you like to be in a movie I’m making this summer? Since you’re so young you can play the little boy who gets captured by the North Korean Army and if you do a good job acting in the movie I’ll give you a starring roll in all future films I do How’s that sound?

          • Libby Stuart

            J.K……I am going to assume you are either still in High School or even younger. The maturity level of your comments lead me to believe either 1) You are permanently stoned or 2) You are in Middle School attempting to be an adult. If #2 is a fact… are failing miserably! have a great day young man.

          • Peenus

            I’ll fix your sentence.
            Correction: I don’t have a better life than you* and you* are* a beach owner.

          • Brittany Elise Radcliff

            Weren’t you just criticizing people for swearing? There should be a retard award, and you should have won it by now.

          • Silvanius

            OK this “kid” makes my brain hurt.

          • Louie Matthew Clarke

            It makes your ‘Brian’ hurt.. Eh? Ehh?
            Agh forget it. -.-

          • Jeff Lebowski

            J.K. You’re the only bitch here… moron

          • Peenus

            Why are you still typing? I told to to stroke me harder and I didn’t say stop!

          • ever

            hannah u hot ! just saying

          • Peenus

            Anyone who uses “you sir” (quoting Hannah) is an emo-fag and a homo of similar caliber but different taste.

          • Brittany Elise Radcliff

            I genuinely enjoy watching people criticize those who use swear words, as though it implies “poor vocabulary”, when said criticizer has extremely poor understanding of grammar.

          • fourthletter

            Testicle could be said by a teacher in biology – it is not a swear word it is anatomy.
            Question is why do feel the need to control what others say? Why is it any of your business.

      • Brittany Elise Radcliff

        J.K., we all would like to advise you to, please, remove the stick from your uptight, rigid backside. Thank you, have a pleasantly, productive day, and p.s… fuck off!

      • shaitn

        testicle…Testicle…TEsTiCle…TetSicLe..oh, my hairy ball sack! I misspelled TESTICLE! If you cannot handle the medical term for part of the human anatomy, please feel free to lock yourself in a room sans outside communication and grow up.

  • Paul Waters

    I think his death signals the end of the libtard douche.

  • Bill Morin

    Pretty sure this Callaghan person has his head up his backside when he thinks the fans will go along with this..stupid move. The show will suck. First they remove Cleveland and make a stupid sideshow with a bear, now this? The only two things about the show that SUCKED was having an old pedophile character, and Brian’s Political garbage..( no place in the show for that )..the show was Hilarious but now its going to tank.

  • Forrest Ragsdale

    I know 8 people that will never watch Family Guy again, myself included.

    • Kyle Smith

      “Oh, noes!! Change… SHUN!!!”

  • martin

    Horrible idea.

  • srewobwj

    Real bad idea.

  • Mario Kitty Kyurem

    People raging against this is very stupid. If one truly enjoys the show, they wouldn’t be opposing to what the staff does about it. He died. So what? It’s not the first time he has died. Stewie once traveled to the future and met his future self, and Brian was dead around that time. He also died man times when he and Stewie went to the past and all of his past selves kept showing up and they were all dying. And besides, Brian was already a middle-aged dog. He was eight years old. And to be honest, this move of theirs spiced up the show a lot because it was losing ratings, and they needed an idea to help them with that problem. I have a feeling Brian will come back eventually – either for a permanent comeback (until he dies again) or for a few cameos or scenes. I expect some appearances as some sort of ghost or in the family’s dreams. Anyway, to summary this: Stay loyal to the show if you want the right to bitch about something.

  • jenny

    i hate that brian is gone i want him back now it was way better with brian in the show now i stopped watching it when brian was killed last sunday

    • geordan krahn

      Im sorry but, although i think his death was out of place and unnecessary, i have to play devils advocate. HOW CAN YOU SAY THE SHOW WAS BETTER IF YOU REFUSE TO WATCH IT ANYMORE????

  • Matt Fehl

    “Callaghan says shouldn’t bother loyal fans of the show.”
    these guys dont actually watch tv do they?

  • John Capestro

    It’s a cartoon dog. As much as I like the Brian, Stewie, companionship. I know that anything and everything is possible in cartoons. Especially on Family guy. How many times has Peter died? I mean Death was sleeping on their couch. We haven’t seen him in quite a while. I seriously that Brian is gone for good….. Shut up Meg!

  • Uriel Vazquez

    The car that hit Brian went straight to him at full speed and hurried up to get there on the only day Brian was out there playing in the street, as Brian said he would be inside on a day like that but that day was different. The car that hit Brian was almost identical to Brian’s own car, and the windows were opaque so we couldn’t see who was driving and they didn’t even try to explain it. So my guess is Brian ran himself over. He came from the future or an alternate reality or something and did it. And he will be back like a secondary character who will appear in few episodes, just like they did with Jeff in American Dad.

    • Marcella

      Didn’t even realize this until you mentioned it…. I must’ve been so grief-stricken and angry to notice. But you’ve given me hope now! O^O

    • Tam

      I noticed the car, too. I thought it looked like Brian’s Prius.

  • Steve Spence

    Brian was the show. Callaghan is an idiot.

  • Gene

    He will be back when ratings drop he come back.

  • Richard Ferrari

    i think they should make a show or two where stewie tracks down the driver who ran him over

  • Jack Daniels

    I thought his death was very well justified. And it’s not like they never went over the issue of replacing Brian. People are forgetting New Brian. I mean, from there I always thought that the writers might one day kill off Brian anyway. And plus, think of all of the new scenarios that can happen. The new dog has absolutely no idea that Stewie is a psychopathic murderous maniac and he can somehow bring him back if he builds another time machine. This could be permanent or temporary, you can never know for sure. You don’t know what the writers are thinking of for the next episode or any other down the line. I’m open to see whatever the writers want to do with the show. It’s a show that I’ve always loved watching. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Cvgsmackfan

    I understand the decision by Seth and the producers but I don’t think you can ever replace such a beloved character in the franchise. No matter what they decide to do I don’t see this working out. I really hope I’m wrong but I can’t imagen the show going on without Brian.

  • James Blodgett

    Of course he isn’t gone for good. What better way to have a comeback than Brian popping up either as a ghost dog or back via time machine either way I can’t wait for them to kill off Vinny. Obviously a temporary character in the show.

    • Matty Patsy

      Seriously, look how much press this is getting. It’s just a gimmick to get people watching. Brian will be back before the season is over.

  • ColMacLaw

    After many hours of deliberation, consideration and observation, I have to come to the conclusion that…it was a cartoon dog…get a grip people

  • Aaron Nixon

    I can’t wait until they replace the characters with claymation but using turds instead. Brian wasn’t funny anymore, his shtick ran its course years ago.

  • geordan krahn

    By killing Brian, you killed the show. Sure its been dry as of recent, but he was not the right character to go, and the manner of his death is both too cliche, and was not funny. if you were going for heartfelt, you missed the mark by a thousand miles. This was a slap in the face. Why not let him die of old age? The character Brian portrayed, he connected to the intellectual audience. I guess the shows creators could give a rats ass as its only retards who seem to watch this pile of shit anyway. Furthermore, trying to bring him back will just piss people off even more as the creators would not be consistent. The damage is done.

    • Kyle Smith

      It wasn’t supposed to be funny, and satire commonly takes a very serious route.

      If they had let him die of old age, you’d be upset that he died in an undignified way or that they didn’t just continue with keeping his age the same.

      • geordan krahn

        Actually i was expecting him to die a natural old age death. At this point i see you being a troll, someone who cant seem to accept an OPINION!
        Everyone will put in their two cents, like you, so why search for and call out everyones pissed off comments? Furthermore, you seem to think you know what id think in the event he didnt die, or died in a different manner. While this is false, could you not take a moment to simply take these comments as opinion and not stating this as actual word? The comment section is for discussion. Not calling out someones opinion as bullshit. To that i say to you, get an effing life!

  • Duke

    There is no cure for stupid. I will not continue watching.

  • XxBryanXxLee

    Bad idea.. family guy lost alot of fan veiwers by doing this choice.. if this was a idea that was meant to be. make it so that brian comes back to find out who was in that car, and have stewie go back in his time machine and save brian.. he’s my fav character simple fact that he’s been with us since forever.. its like growing up to that dog that makes u laugh and he’s gone.. and he needs to come back, also how many times have every character been killed, and to have brian be killed for good makes no sense. so i say make another wise choice. bring him back to life ina speical episode.. maybe on xmas. for a surprise to us

  • Kyle Smith

    This is what I believe to be an accurate summary of the comments of those unhappy with the producer’s actions:

    “Oh, noes!! Change… SHUN!!”

    I’ve seen many series make choices like that and people react the same way. The fan base is just resistant to change, not realizing that writers have a need to come up with new material to try and maintain a quality product instead of recycling the same tired ideas. Killing off secondary characters does little to actually shake up dynamics between the main cast, and you can only have a limited amount of leads before plots become too unfocused.

    • geordan krahn

      Just to be a dick, im going to disagree outright with just you. If someone else stated the same thing, cool, but im gonna take your stance toward you.
      No ones allowed to be upset about this, they dont understand..

  • David Grant Lloyd

    I’m torn. I believe in change and progress and all that stuff (especially for long-running shows, stories, etc) but Brian was my favourite character! I’ll definitely miss him

  • Bob

    Why couldn’t Seth just kill off Meg, no one likes her and she only has had like a few episodes focused on her.

    • Guy Brohski

      I fully agree. Plus, Mila Kunis’ voice is just annoying.

  • elliottreed

    What next? Kill off Lucy? Hillarious.

  • Kirsten Taylor

    I think they messed up big time with this move and I have been with the show from the beginning, Brian is a huge part of the show and his relationship with Stewie is endearing and heartfelt and made the funniest parts of the show to be honest in my opinion. a lot of shows who take away key characters fail not long after that.

  • toby

    Some people think they killed off Brian so people would stop watching because fox are making them write more episodes when they don’t want to.

    • geordan krahn

      I wouldn’t doubt it. The show seriously hasn’t been good in anyway whatsoever since season 7

  • allan singer

    yes going to miss Brian, have been a fan, for a long time. May he R.I.P.

  • FletchGuy

    Yeah the Vinny character dog pretty much blows and doesnt fit at all. I do hope this is just a bad joke and that they do have Brian back and dump the Vinny dog character. Kinda ruins the show if any of the actual Family are removed. It sucked when Cleveland left too but this is a much much bigger mistake. I wont have much interest in the show as taking Brian out takes a bout a 3rd of the shows draw away immediately. Who ever put this idea out there should be fired.

    • george95915

      cleveleands coming back and so is Brian

  • ckirmser

    I think it was a bad move to kill off Brian.
    Further, in the vet’s office scene, as the family is waiting outside, there is a chicken sitting next to them with its head cut off, yet it seems to be only inconvenienced.
    Brian has been cooked with a flamethrower, beaten to a pulp several times and has been through the wringer, but a mere car kills him?

  • Richard A. Tucker

    I finally caught up with it and while it changes the vibe the new rhythm could work. Brian was the kind of character you liked or liked to dislike. I was torn between the two for the last few years. I did like the adventures he had with Stewie. At the same time he was used to the hilt so the shake-up might work. I thought the episode was done very well but are they really going to keep Sirico as the voice for the new dog? At first it was a little off-putting but by the end of the episode I felt like this change was fine.

  • Me

    What do I think of it? Nothing. Family Guy sucks. They should kill off every character.

  • Merrick D’Amato

    Guys, really, if you (like me) dislike this choice, just watch the older (better) episodes where he is still alive. Seasons 1-3 were where this show was at its best.

  • Zachary PoeticGenius Brooks

    It’s actually a smart move on the creator’s part. Kill off a main character and get people to tune is just to see whether or not they bring him back. To be honest if something like this is enough to make you stop watching family guy, then maybe you weren’t that big of a fan to start with.

  • Edwyn Cassidy

    To be honest, I’m not surprised. Family Guy was good, but after Season 9 it became awful. I mean, getting rid of Brian? That is just stupid. The only one of Seth McFarlane’s shows which hasn’t sold out is American Dad, but give it time and I bet it will.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I my self am a huge fan of family guy and Brian was one of my favorite characters and they definitely need to bring him back Brian was a great dog and very loyal friend to the family I surly do miss him family guy just wont be the same without him if they wont bring him back I cant and wont bring myself to watch it anymore

  • Narvish/FullMetalAnimest

    I don’t like it

  • tom Tucker

    Never watch that shit show ever again get rid of the best person on that show. Wtf?

  • dloriann

    He’ll be back.

  • Natalie Amaral

    This was just a wrong move on the producers part. Brian was a lovable character of the show. I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the show or not, but no doubt the ratings will go down because of what they’ve done. Not a smart move. :(

  • Lincoln Paradox

    Well, it’s not like Family Guy ever wanted to be the Simpsons. I mean, this show never had the legs to last more than 13 seasons…

  • Dirty

    I felt like Quagmire when it came to Brian’s death, but we all know he’ll be back soon after the not so patient whiners get started

  • Zory Amir

    I think vinny was the one in the car, and ended up getting caught and got put in the pund were the griffins found him, and stewie will eventually find out or catch on to it, and maybe vinny might find out stewie is tryn to rebuild a time machine and they’ll battle for the last part and stwei wins and goes bck in time and in the middle of the episode peter will fight the chicken again

  • Michelle LeVeaux

    Anybody that believes they would really kill off Brian permanently, would have to believe that the producers and everyone else involved in making “Family Guy” has dogshit for brains!

  • Charles Yeh

    A very stupid move. No one can replace Brian. A Big Time screw up!!

  • Joe Nunya

    it’s a great way to put Stewie back on track plotting world domination. Lots of potntial here just like when everybody wondered “…who shot JR…???” now it’s who killed Brian and why? Maybe to push Stewie over to The Darkside for good? I loved the malevolent Stewie more than the somewhat banal Stewie we have today. Killing Brian might be the needed trigger to add cohesion to the process as opposed to the milquetoast adult he was in “the movie”.

    Anyway it’s a cartoon few gawds sakes feels like Raj, Sheldon & Leonard bickering about comic characters right now…of course there is a bunch of funny in that too…

  • Solar

    Even Seth sees the writing on the wall and the death of Liberalism, Brian was a metaphor..
    Killing off a Greenie isn’t really a big loss in the least, I was sick of the Bullshitsave the planet theme long ago.

    • Guy Brohski

      They could’ve killed off Meg, she doesn’t have half the wit that Brian did.

  • bob
  • Tam

    I’m beginning to think they’re trying to get canceled. That, or they’ll bring Brian back in February sweeps.

  • Daniel Carl Chandler Jr

    BRING HIM BACK….Stewie, rebuild your time machine. Go back in time. No matter how many different ways you save him. He will still die all in different ways. So after your many attempts. Take a tissue sample off of his nose bleed after punching him for being so damn hard to save. Then come back to the present time and clone him. If you must , use a little black magic to bring Brian’s soul into the new and improved Wonder Dog!

  • jim

    Deff a stupid move for more than a few reasons just to name a few #1 Brian Peter and Stewie are the best characters on the show and to split them up and destroy their relationship will ruin the show because that is the backbone the show was built on. I mean doesn’t anybody remember the original cartoon cartoon that Seth Mcfarlene created originally that the show was modeled after which was a bafoon doing stupid things and his dog being the intelligent voice of reason. #2 The Italian jokes can only go so far before they fall flat and just aren’t funny anymore which just happened in the last episode. Not to mention that having a completely one sided character thats just “Italian” is foolish and sets themselves up for a failure.

  • Hannah The Barbarian

    It hasn’t even been that long since he was killed off, my GAHD you all need to stop bitching and complaining like a bunch of fucking gibronis I for one am excited to see what happens with this route (Stewie built a time machine and all sorts of shit, I’m sure he can figure a way to bring him back to life). Could be interesting, and if (IN TIME…IINN TTIIMMEE) it starts to suck than so be it, at least there is still American Dad, which in my opinion is way better anyways. But stop complaining about how much the show sucks now when they only JUST killed off Brian have an open mind and give it a chance and stop being a bunch of big fat fucking sticks in the mud. SMH (fucking cry babies)

  • Wallace Maldonado

    That was a Fucked up Move there were So Many other Horrible Charaters you Could have killed off but NOOOOOO……LIKE the old man who wants to have sex with chris Ewwwwww or you could have killed chris but….killing Brian was the worst.

  • brians fan

    honestly how can they say that this is best for the show , when clearly most of there hilarious episodes that actually had and moments to remeber where episodes with brian and stewie, also i disaprove that they are trying to make the new dog named vinny catch some touchy felly thing with stewie no matter how many times they try to me make them pare up vinny wont be able to replace brian if anything meg should off been gone first since they almost never really put anything intresting about her

  • wytzox1

    Of course they can always have Stewie clone Brian thus creating a new Brian! ☺

  • oscar


  • demoncat_4

    shake things up if they really wanted to after so long with the series they could of had stewie manage to kill Lois or Lois have an affair with Joe.

  • evie

    i’ve been watching the show for years but i’m not anymore. bye Brian we will miss you.

  • scupmonny

    They should keep the dog and let the kid get run over…or just nuke the whole show…bad animation and annoying, predictable attempts at comedy… this show has zero value in any sense.

  • Steven Little

    I guess I’m done watching the show if this is a permanent change. His death wasn’t even well thought out and showed the character no respect. Had he at least gone out doing something heroic it might have been slightly more palatable. Nothing like killing off one of your two best characters and weakening the other (Stewie). Not to mention adding an annoying replacement in Vinny that seems to be a cliche from the word go and has little to offer. I can only hope this is BS and they are planning to bring Brian back. I won’t be watching until they do. At least perhaps Quagmire will have been driving the car. I figure he hated Brian and Peter killed his stupid cat, James. Anyway way to screw the pooch writers and execs.

  • Michele A. Yates

    I’m glad he’s dead; couldn’t stand that dog! When are you going to kill off Roger in American Dad (can’t stand him either!)

  • M75462

    They better not mess with Quag-(giggity)-mire!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany Elise Radcliff

    I won’t watch anymore. I have been a “smart and loyal” Family Guy fan for years, and years. Brian was my favorite character, especially coupled with Stewie. I’m done with the show. Good riddance.

  • Steve Croft

    Stewies going to go back in time and rescue Brian soon, it’s obvious. They sewed the seeds last episode there’s something wrong with Vinnie. He’s homophobic and racist in a bad way, not in a ‘jolly way’ that Peter and co. are. Stewie was left feeling uneasy. I’m betting within half a dozen episodes, Stewie somehow finds his titanium bits he needs, recreates his machine and goes back in time to save Brian, most likely by making the driver of the car swerve, or outright killing them.

  • booboo

    Family Guy needs Brian. I’ve been watching this show since it first came out, you can’t just kill out such an important character. Not to mention the new dog is an idiot. Family Guy just not the same. It’s not even funny anymore. Just lost another fan. I’ll just continue watching my DVDs of the older seasons. Not watching anymore new episodes, ever. I’m done.

  • Catherine Maio

    If they really don’t plan to bring Brian back, I’m not sure I’d be interested enough to watch- first impressions of Vinny weren’t very favorable for me. I can’t imagine the show without Brian- it’s true, in my opinion Stewie and Brian drive the show for the most part, it seems even Peter and Lois are secondary characters.

  • T.K. Baha

    Lel, he’s announced to come back on Christmas. Idiots.

  • Aaron

    I think it’s interesting. After all, in real life it’s completely foreseeable that a pet might die and you’d replace that pet. I will be happy to see what they do with the new dog. After all, it opens up for some new material. I mean, we know Brian and his usual antics. This new dog may bring us a new set of laughs.

  • Aelamasca Aluveaux

    I would’ve liked it if they killed Meg, not because everyone hates her( I personally like her) but it would’ve shook things up more, who would the family hate? who would they bully? would they just get along better without the whipping horse, and if people wanted to bring her back they could say that the death was fake and Meg was actually a CIA agent and had to go deep undercover in some hostile nation and even do a few American Dad cross overs.
    heck Meg could even come back stronger and beautiful from her adventures of course that would only make me happy lol ^_^

  • Teresa Bradley

    I hate vinny. And no, they do not always do what’s best for the show.

  • Joshua Thirteen

    I think this is going to backfire on them in a huge way. I have been a huge fan of the show for years, but I’m done. I refused to watch the death episode, and I won’t watch the show ever again. Even the old shows are now tainted by the knowledge of Bryan’s fate. Stewy could easily save Bryan with his time machine, but if it tuns out not to be permanent, then it’s a huge slap in the face to the fans. I doubt I’d return, but I might no be able to resist Stewy and Bryan together again.

    • The Plumber

      That’s taking a cartoon seriously, folks!

      • L. H.

        He didn’t even spell Brian and Stewie’s names correctly!

  • Flying Tiger Comics

    Wait wait wait- people still watch Family Guy? Wow.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Don’t worry, Brain is coming back…(^0^)/

  • Joe Thompson

    killing Brian sound one those stupid Marvel DC Comic ideas,that won’t work.I’ve heard comic book editors say the same thing about characters gone forever they said-only bring them back years later,Sure,it’s just a cartoon dog,but kill brian and might as kill peter and baby stewie. Bad move Seth,your show might be in it’s twilight having to do silly jump the shark stunts to get veiwer to tune in.

  • Joe Thompson

    the cartoon characters that needs to be run over by a car is the whole cast of the Simpsons.That show is five years passsed it’s incept date

  • Joe Thompson


  • Jim

    Fire115… ur an asshole. What are you? like ….12?
    Fuck Family Guy. Loved it.. they Kill Brian, they kill the show.

  • Nikki

    Will not watch anymore without Brian….him and Peter were the center of the show…Its on tonite actually, sunday at 9….wont tune in..I will stay on channel 293 :) Deja View

  • Squeekthing

    should have killed of Meg…..most useless character ever created it doesnt bring anything to the show and ths would not be missed

  • MaximumOvertroll

    Vinny is such a great benefit to the series that they had to bring Brian back after 2 episodes.

  • barbiecpa

    i don’t always watch , but i do listen while my family watches. i will tell you Brain is my favorite .

  • barbiecpa

    no i wouldn’t wont brain to die because he is my fave and i know that he had to be the richest dog on earth ……JM

  • Craig Jackson

    They should have Stewie dig him up and bury him in the sacred Indian burial ground like in pet cemetery only to come back as a demonic Brian

  • Greg

    They should just bring Brian back period in my opinion

  • capkirk91

    OMG this is the best fucking conversation I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! J.K. and Twisted, you both made me laugh so fucking hard! It’s just so moronic to be measuring dicks over the internet. Why don’t you both just hook up on craigslist and pound it out. There’s obviously a lot of sexual tension here! :D

  • Michael Betts

    “Our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us. We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.”

    nope, the fans are a bunch of whinny bitches who had a big ‘ol tantrum because they don’t like change.

  • Gary Matthews


  • Steven Holloway
    Stfu and talk about Family Guy, damnit.

  • Max Steel

    What the fuck is wrong with fat asshole macfarlane?,he killed a poor brian by a car……not so fucking funny,………….so what next?,bring his back from the dead and dies again by shoot his head?
    Why he shouldn’t kill himself with grenade put on your mouth,blow himself,and go to a fucking hell,Macfuck?

    • Godofhdardcore

      This is what a person with an IQ of 12 writes.

      • geminiman7

        @Godofhdardcore I think that’s what “Max Steel” is.

  • asashii

    People still watch Family Guy, and for those that do, they killed off Brian. those were the best episodes with stewie and brian, lame and terrible move!!!

  • FUCK!

    Brian is coming back. Pull your panties from between the cracks of your asses… :)

  • Andrew Keller

    well that didn’t last long…

  • Mike Be Blessed

    i dont see how so many people can turn on seth and the writers so easily, its how this business goes, its no different than the protagonist dying in a good movie, you hate to see it but you dont hate the movie, you all trusted the developers and stayed faithful to the show this long… what changed? Brians death is an immature excuse to stop watching, i liked the show as a whole, a death is not gonna deter me away, it brings a change to the dynamic, it makes you wonder how the griffins are going to be now with a new dog

  • shaitn

    It’s very simple, people. There are basically three options here that I can think of.
    One: The execs succumb to the will of the fans of the show, either by all the writing, calling and comments like yours, and bring back Brian.
    Two: The show ratings start tanking (and stay that way) and they bring him back.
    Three: They ignore everything in the way execs tend to do and let the ratings slip so far and for so long that they get cancelled. At that point another network would be brilliant to buy the rights, hire new writers, and bring Brian back.
    I say to Seth: don’t let the writers dictate the course of YOUR show. If they are running out of ideas for a lead character, don’t replace the character, replace the writers.

  • Jar Rod Reichenbach

    Well i dont think they need a new dog maybe get a different type of animal and im sure they will always bring brian back one day even if stewie makes a new time machine an gets him I mean family guy is the shit been in my life for along time i love them….At least we can get some new an interesting episodes bc brian is getting old anways but like i said we need a new animal not another dog

  • lostboy408

    Honestly I really didn’t care. The shows gotten to the point of extreme annoyance. i’ve seen Brian go from being the smartest person in the room to a complete and utter impressionable insufferable douchebag! so his death didn’t bug me in the slightest.

    …I actually thought the choice was to have MacFarlane do less on the show while he was busy making Million Ways To Die In The West

  • danielraize

    in the upcoming series Stewie goes back in time (again) and saves Brian from the car, but then theres no more Vinnie