Will Ferrell to Host ESPN SportsCenter as Ron Burgundy on December 5th

We’re just about a month away from the release of Anchorman 2 and already we’ve seen plenty of promotional material to get us even more excited about the film but the coolest promotion yet has just been announced by ESPN and Paramount. We’ve seen Ron Burgundy underwear, Ron Burgundy ice cream but now we can have both while we watch Ron Burgundy host SportsCenter next month.

According to The Wrap and their sources, Will Ferrell will be hosting an episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter in character as Ron Burgundy on December 5th.

This won’t be the first time we’re seeing Will Ferrell show up on SportsCenter as Ron Burgundy as an extra feature of the original film included Burgundy’s audition for SportsCenter back when it was first starting. The audition tape featured Burgundy mailing in his performance while making fun of a network that thinks it can cover sports 24/7 and make it in the world of news.

That might be something that comes up when Burgundy hosts SportsCenter some 30 years after making fun of it in his initial audition. We won’t point out the time difference or continuity here because Ron Burgundy hosting SportsCenter is the only thing missing form our lives and it’s finally something we’ll be able to say we saw happen.

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