Friday The 13th Reboot Gets Official 2015 Release Date


If you were wondering where Jason Voorhees has been, we finally have some news as to his whereabouts. While the franchise that everyone has come to know and some have come to worship was recently rebooted, it appears that the studio is possibly trying to get things right this time as according to Cinema BlendFriday The 13th will release another reboot in the crowded 2015 movie season.

This is an interesting announcement as the film was rebooted bit too long ago but already the film franchise is heading back to ‘Go’ to start all over again. There was some that thought the 2015 film would build on the first reboot but one important detail may  be leading to a reboot yet again.

After all these years of Friday the 13th movies, the franchise if just now getting to it’s thirteenth theatrically released film which is sort of a big deal for a film franchise based around the number.

So while a sequel maybe could have happened, the 2015 reboot of the reboot is going to be produced by a new studio — Paramount — and is lily going to be the best attempt the series has made to avoid camp and strive for solid filmmaking. Still, the movie is coming out on March 13, 2015 which means that it’s not going to be hard to fall into the trap of all the mistakes the franchise has made in the past.

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