Batman vs. Superman: Brad Pitt to Star as Alfred?


We’re about a few months away from filming officially beginning on the Zack Snyder film Batman vs. Superman and we are still dealing with casting rumors about major comic characters that may or may not appear. Before digging too deep into any rumors invoking Batman vs. Superman we must first remember that the film is going to be a sequel to Man of Steel and may not even be titled Batman vs. Superman when it hits theaters.

But if you ask Micheal Caine about the film, he’ll tell you his opinions on it from his support of Ben Affleck as Batman to his choice for the actor to succeed him as Alfred.

Caine recently chatted with TMZ and mentioned that he thinks Brad Pitt should play Alfred in the Batman vs. Superman film.

Now, that wasn’t Caine lobbying very hard for Pitt to be Alfred, but it raises an interesting question when it comes to characters we can expect to see int he film. The movie is a sequel to Man of Steel and will be a Superman film, not a Batman movie. But what’s Batman without Alfred, which begs the question of if we’ll see him in the movie.

Pitt likely would never subject himself to a superhero movie but not only are comic book movies trendy for major actors, Pitt is hot off of World War Z grossing more money for him than any other movie he’s ever done. So while it seems like a crazy idea, it might not be that outside of the box.

Still, we may not even see Alfred in the movie, but if we do it will be interesting to see who they pick to play him.

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