The Amazing Spider-Man 2: First Look at Rhino and Green Goblin (Photo)

This summer isn’t going to be as stacked as the summer of 2015 looks to be, but don’t think that nothing at all of note is coming out in 2014. One of the hottest titles on the schedule is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which e got a massive first look at on Thanksgiving. With a movie stuffed full of villains, a new movie banner for the film’s promotional tour has been revealed which gives us the best look at the villains Rhino and Green Goblin that we’ve seen yet.

Green Goblin and Rhino will be two of the villains featured in the film this summer and here’s the first true look at what they will look like on screen:


The poster was leaked onto Twitter by ComicBookMovie and seems to be something we can expect to see hanging in theaters near us very shortly.


It would make sense that a banner for the film is almost ready to ship out, as the first trailer for the film is set to hit theaters and the internet on December 5th.

While 2015 is the year all movie fans are looking forward to, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated films of the summer and this first look at two of the villains is something we’ve been waiting for all year long.

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