Fast and Furious Actor Paul Walker Dead at 40


The holiday weekend took a tragic and sad turn tonight with news that Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has died at the young age of 40 years old. Walker, who recently appeared in the revived versions of the Fast and Furious films, had been working on the new set of films in the franchise when his death was unexpectedly announced late on Saturday night.

According to Variety and TMZ, Walker was either the driver or passenger in a car that crashed in Santa Clarita on Saturday. The details of which are still not totally in, but TMZ is reporting that the car crashed and burst into flames, killing Walker and also a passenger that was reportedly with the actor.

There’s no word on how Walker’s shocking death will effect the production of the Fast and Furious movies as he was just recently talking about how excited he was for as many as ten movies. With his death now throwing that all in jeopardy, the thoughts and focus of those close to the actor are hardly on the future of his film franchise and more on the fact that a loved one and talented man has been taken away far too soon.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Walker, his family and those close to mourning his untimely death. Paul Walker was 40 years old.

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