Kevin Smith Unveils First Look at New Film 'Tusk'

Almost 20 years ago, director Kevin Smith went from being a fat dorky comic book kid to one of the most influential independent filmmakers of the last few decades. He proved that you really just have to be witty to make in the world of film and over the years Smith has evolved that wit from fart jokes to horror movies.

With his last film Red State, Smith completely departed from the world he had occupied his entire career and shifted from making stoner comedy movies to stoner horror movies.

His latest venture into the world of Smith-ian horror is Tusk, which tells the warped adventure of a guy being turned into human walrus. Smith unveiled the first look at the film which has already begun filming and while it’s not much, it’s hardly a signature medium-shot at the counter of the Quick Stop.


The photo was posted to Smith’s Instagram account which showed him editing the film as he shot it on the Avid editing software. It’s a bizarre story that Smith is crafting but there are some hoping that he can successfully break away from his signature blend of filmmaking and somehow fuse it together with a new genre he’s only now beginning to dabble in.

Smith deserves props for changing this up in his career on his own terms and there’s a lot of hope that Tusk will turn out and become one of his finer films.

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