Paul Walker Dead at 40: Photos from Crash Posted on TMZ, Twitter

The holiday weekend was brought to a chilling and grinding halt when it wash announced that actor Paul Walker had died in a fiery car crash in Santa Clarita on Saturday. The Fast and Furious star was only 40 years old when the car he was traveling in crashed, killing the actor and his friend who it has been confirmed was driving the car.

Walker’s reps posted a statement on the actor’s death, explaining the tragedy and giving details on the crash that killed the actor who was respected and loved by so many, and his friend. TMZ posted pictures of the crash on their website and other photos leaked their way onto social media.

Here’s the photo that TMZ posted:



Other photos from the crash were posted on Twitter, but out of respect to Walker and his family, we won’t be posting them here.  Frankly, there’s no reason to want to see the crash photos at all, seeing as two human beings died in the wreck and were taken from their families far too soon. Unlike the movies Walker has starred in, this car crash is very real and the actor’s death is a reminder of how painful it can be when real life is effected by the myth of movies.

Walker was just 40 years old and leaves behind a family, and the photo posted isn’t meant to exploit his death or make it seem like a stunt from a movie. Rather it serves as a heartbreaking reminder that none of us are immortal and even the brightest of stars can be taken from us in the most tragic and painful of ways.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Walker, his family and friends during this incredibly trying and tragic time.

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