Breaking Bad Spinoff 'Better Call Saul' to Take Saul to The Courtroom?


When Breaking Bad came to an end back in September, the pain of seeing the series go was numbed a little by the fact that we knew a spinoff series was going to be happening that followed Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman. But what we are still figuring out is just what the series will be about as it’s been described as a number of things with nothing solid  yet sticking.

Aside from the series being a blend of a prequel and sequel to Breaking Bad, Odenkirk talked to YahooTV recently and dropped some interesting information what he’s doing for research on the series. It could all be smoke and mirrors but Odenkirk implies that the series could take Goodman to the one place he was avoiding the entire series of Breaking Bad — the courtroom. 

Part of the paradox of Saul Goodman and one of the things that made him fun, even right back in that first episode. He looks like a clown. Frankly, I’ve been hanging around in courtrooms lately, and it’s not as broad as I thought originally.

He dresses in a ridiculous way, he’s got billboards, he’s got ridiculous ads, but he is a shrewd customer. If you listen, most of his advice to Walt over the years in the show was really good advice. If Walt had listened to Saul a little bit more, I think the show would have gone very differently and probably would not have been as exciting.

This could mean that in the prequel scenes we see Saul in his courtroom past and even find out why he hates them so much. Only the pilot for Better Call Saul has been announced as being in development and despite the excitement over Breaking Bad living on, a series order has not yet been placed by AMC.

Still, fans will be licking their chops over the prospects of what Better Call Saul will be about.

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