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Family Guy Fan Raising Money to Build Brian Griffin Memorial Statue in Rhode Island

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Last week’s episode of Family Guy saw the series kill off one of it’s main and most popular characters in Brian Griffin, the family dog. Fans are still insane over the death of a fictional alcoholic dog but the crazies are starting to separate themselves from the pack a week after the episode aired.

Take one fan named David Rocha who has started an IndieGoGo campaign in an effort to raise enough money to erect a statue that would honor Brian Griffin and his life on the show.

If the amount needed to build the life-size statue is met, the plan is to put it in downtown Providence, Rhode Island and make it a landmark in the city. Now, this is being directly tied to Brian Griffin dying on the show but the idea of a statue honoring Family Guy through Brian Griffin isn’t that bad of an idea.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has ties to Rhode Island as he went to animation school at Rhode Island School of Design and the show itself is set in Rhode Island. So outside of fans overreacting about the death of Brian Griffin, a statue commemorating the show in the place where it all started makes a lot of sense.

Still, the campaign is nowhere near where it needs to be to even begin thinking about a statue as a possibility, assuming that Rocha is serious about the campaign and isn’t just seeking attention by punching overreacting fans.

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